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Dr. Roslyn De Avene B.Msc. M.Div. D.Ms. PhD.

Double doctorate, that is, two PhD’s.

Book: Written by Roslyn De Avene “A Metaphysical Journey –  Discovery of the Holy Grail.

I specialise in the cause and treatment of removing heavy metals from the body, focusing on heavy metals crossing the threshold of the sperm resulting in mutations and DNA damage. Heavy metal poisoning that results in various cancers, autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida and many diseases, together with, providing safe chelation treatment, nutritional regimes and nutritional protocols for those treatments.

People with cancer, who unfortunately have been caught up in a cancer cluster environment and I will provide the cause, counselling and treatment for those caught up in the cancer cluster.

Undeniably and without a doubt, repeatedly the same answers keep coming up when I question clients and those seeking answers to diseases that they cannot cure, “what did your father do?” “what vocation, what job and what line of business was your father in?” “where did he live?” added with, “where do you live and what type of career are you involved in?” It’s always with exactness, precision, accuracy and repetition, it’s cyclic, that it always correlates with the father’s sperm at the time of conception.

I have researched, seen, witnessed and heard too much of it to know that sperm is the culprit and perpetrator to humankind’s ill-health, resulting in a long-term health care crisis, social and economic repercussions.

I personally experienced arsenic poisoning back in 2013. It was environmental. I couldn’t find a doctor and/or a naturopath who specialised in arsenic poisoning and they knew nothing of its subject, the particular tests, its causes, preventions, symptoms and in its healing.

Having two PhD’s, along with, my expertise in the health arena, I knew of the first alarms and symptoms of arsenic poisoning and immediately and alone I set about to research the correct nutritional regime and wrote the protocol for the treatment of removing heavy metal poisoning from the body. I discovered the numerous diseases, especially cancer, that resulted from heavy metal poisoning. I had to completely cure myself of arsenic poisoning before it resulted in skin cancer and lung cancer. Insidiously, skin cancer and lung cancer are the first cancers to transpire from arsenic poisoning.

Firstly, I had to discover its cause and I discovered that the heavy metal arsenic poisoning came from the water supply that supplied the locality in which I lived, arsenic from the house water pipes and from rice, brown, wholemeal and organic rice having the highest content of arsenic in its husk.

I believe that this ill-health of arsenic poisoning at the time happened for a reason, to send me down this new ground-breaking area of heavy metal poisoning. I specialise in the research and causes of heavy metal poisoning, its origins befitting lifestyle and environmental, its symptoms, its diseases, treatment and healing, providing a focused and safe nutritional regime and protocol.

Dr. Roslyn De Avene B.Msc. M.Div. D.Ms. PhD.

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