Autism comes from the male. Autism derives from the sperm. Autism arises from heavy metals. Autism does NOT come from vaccinations, however, the autism is a result from the sperm of the father, who had heavy metals in his sperm and body at the time of impregnating his wife/partner. Heavy metals crossing the threshold of his sperm, mutating the sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

The autism lies dormant, but when the baby/child has its ‘compulsory’ childhood vaccination, this vaccination, and/or a virus, or by something in the environment, acts as a trigger, a switch, to activate and initiate, that is, to cause and spark off the autism in the child.

If doctors did an in-depth background check on the father, his line of business, activities, and other involvements involving all heavy metals, smoking, drugs, alcohol and ill-health etcetera, together with, genetic susceptibility and most importantly, his age, these factors would significantly show the origin and triggering off of autism.

Older men produce more gene mutations in their offspring, because sperm, unlike eggs are constantly multiplying that develop more imperfections as the man gets older, increasing the risk of autism and schizophrenia, and other illnesses. Older men carry more errors in their sperm, and sperm from older men transmit far more new gene mutations to their offspring than women.

A lifetime of exposure to radiation, gases, chemicals and heavy metal poisoning, impair the sperm count and sperm mobility and damage and mutate the sperm. An older father will have passed on more genetic mutations to his children than a younger father, owing to internal and external environmental causes, and/or cell divisions that go haywire, alongside, random genetic mutations.

Sperm keeps aging, worsening, weakening, deteriorating, splitting and dividing throughout a man’s life, introducing new genetic imperfections with each division, this dividing gives the opportunity for a mutation to materialize and these mutations will be passed onto his offspring.

The DNA will get damaged. The DNA is a body chemical responsible for the exact duplication of healthy cells. Damaged DNA may produce mutant cells, that as they accumulate can impair the function of the body’s tissues and vital organs.

A mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence of a gene.

Hereditary mutations are carried in the DNA of the reproductive cells.

Heavy metal poisoning will cause mutations in the man’s sperm.

Each time the code gets copied, it creates an opportunity for a mistake. DNA damage is associated with age, in tandem with, genetic mutations.

As the man ages the repairing of his DNA does not work effectively, so he will accrue changes in his DNA.

There are a number of factors that cause genes to switch on and switch off. When something significantly happens (likened to a vaccination), jointly with, the intake of inherited paternal heavy metals toxicity and a current overload of heavy metals toxicity, it will alter gene expression and will switch certain genes on, or off. The triggering on, or off, of autism.

A gene responsible for growth, is known to switch off in a specific illness.

The DNA is a fuse-box and each of the genes is switched on, or off. Likened to a gene is present, but inactive. Some parts of the DNA are control centers for turning genes on, or off.

Consider a child’s gene for normal learning and development expression, but the father carries sperm that has mutations and DNA damage. The child’s gene for normal learning and development will already be tainted (by the father’s mutations), but this particular gene will remain okay (as in the earlier stages of the child’s life), switched on and it still remains active to normal learning and development. But because that gene already has a genetically coded memory and genes will take up everything that is perceived, it’s already impaired and has left its imprint, so any dramatic and significant change, a virus, an illness, a childhood disease, and/or a vaccination (mercury is present in a vaccination), the mercury combined with other heavy metals flood the body and can suddenly trigger off, one or a combination of triggers, and switch off that gene for normal learning and development, switching it off, to lie dormant and inactive, resulting in autism. It has already been impaired by mutations inherited from the father, then when it receives additional impairment (too much for it to cope with), the genetically coded memory will switch that particular gene off, to lie inactive and dormant.

With the accumulation of varieties of toxic heavy metals, I’m of the opinion that there lies a particular type of toxin and/or its equivalent, that is constantly establishing, undermining and antagonizing the condition, simultaneously with, compromising the immune system. The discovery of this particular type of toxin and/or its equivalent, can be discovered and revealed with a urine and blood test for heavy metals to see which toxic heavy metal is more prominent in the child’s system.

Purely for research purposes, I would appreciate those parents with autistic children, (along with, doctors and naturopaths), who are interested in the results of their patients/child’s heavy metal urine and blood test, to contact me with the results as to which particular toxic heavy metal is more prominent in the child’s blood. (At this stage I’m of the opinion that it could be mercury, an Endocrine disruptor.)

Furthermore, with the assistance of parents, specialists and naturopaths, I would additionally like to know if their autistic patient/child has low levels of Glutathione?   I thank you.

Death is a sensitive matter and I write of it with a great deal of respect. If it is at all possible, I would appreciate it if a parent who has lost an autistic child, or as a teenager, or as an adult, that is, who has passed away regardless of their age, could you advise me of the reason of their death. There will be a similarity, a precedent, a pattern and a recurrence, and even in death one can find the answer. As a carer, I handle this matter very delicately and even in death I want to give them answers and the answers to their carers. I thank you for your support.

Heavy metals are very insidious, so much so, that I continually observe that a heavy metal has its own distinctive cancer. A particular type of heavy metal and its insidious poisoning, correlates with its own cancer. That is, a distinctive and individual heavy metal has its own relationship with a particular type of cancer. One begins to observe which heavy metal is in bed with a particular cancer. Equally, upon hearing of a person with cancer, or who has died from a cancer related illness, I can observe that a particular type of cancer is related with its own distinctive heavy metal. A particular type of cancer correlates with its own insidious heavy metal. That is, a distinctive and individual cancer has its own relationship with a particular type of insidious heavy metal.

For years the heavy metals and their own close contribution with cancer have been very quiet and insidious, now they are finally being revealed.

The fact that more genes, more than half, are operational in the brain than in any other organ, it appears, that mutations would correlate with brain function disorders, autism, schizophrenia and mental illness.

For this reason, I put epilepsy in the same stable as with autism. I put epilepsy in the same stable as with heavy metals crossing the threshold of the sperm, mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

The fact that more genes, more than half, are operational in the brain than in any other organ, I also put autism, epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s (all difficulties of the brain), in the same stable as with heavy metal poisoning.

Evidence – neurosurgeons tell of the enormous increase of brain cancer and tumors of the brain, due to the heavy metal poisoning of mobile and cell phones.

Thousands of children and adults across America who suffer with epilepsy have been healed on the Ketogenic Diet from the John Hopkins Hospital. There is a marvelous story behind its beginnings with the Ketogenic Diet and those associated with it. The Ketogenic Diet has been around for ninety-years. I speak here purely of the Ketogenic Diet in the context for those who are not aware of it, it gives some extra fuel for thought, and certainly not as any advice from me to commence with it. The Ketogenic Diet is to be administered only by those practitioners who specialize in it.

Another alternative for those who want to firmly believe that autism comes from the mother. Yes, possibly it could arise from the mother, due to the fact, that a mother’s placenta is a two-way street, and traffic can cross both ways, ‘things’ can cross in both directions across the placenta. Her exposure to ‘issues’ in his sperm, certain cells and ‘issues’ possibly crossing back over the placenta back into the mother’s/woman’s body where these ‘issues’ can remain for many years, and then become alive and active at another time of conception. Consequently, getting the blame for autism (and epilepsy), in her child.

Interestingly, Bi-Polar, a mental illness, is genetically inherited from the father.

ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a neurobehavioral disorder, is on the increase.

Cerebral Palsy – Doctors believed that Cerebral Palsy was caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain at birth. However, they are now discovering that maybe the brain cells in the baby had been switched off at birth. It’s called, “cell death.” I’m of the opinion, that possibly the brain cells had already been switched off or damaged, “cell death,” weeks before the baby was born. But women are made to feel responsible for the birth.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida and Lyme Disease to name a few, that have been treated very successfully, has been due to the environmental exposure of toxic heavy metals.

The autistic child cannot be cured whilst he/she is still bound and subjected to his overload of heavy metal and internal and external environmental toxins. The autistic child will still remain very sensitive to his daily accumulation of heavy metals. Any treatment and therapy will only be a temporary measure and remains on a constant merry-go-round and never cured.

There will be a set-pattern and a sequence. The autistic child’s brain is high-wired, likened to an antenna and will be highly sensitive (maybe allergic), to the heavy metals in his/her environment and in his/her food. If the parent/carer kept a 24/7 constant daily diary and a vigilance on where the child went, who the child was with, and what the child ate and/or drank, the child’s carer would most certainly find the catalyst, the reason and the cause to what triggers off the child’s daily behavior. The carer will have to monitor this vigilant 24/7 daily diary and same procedure for twelve months, but the same patterning will be occurring. You then will be able to remove the cause and not just keep treating the symptoms.

Consider this, the autistic child’s telomeres will continue to fray, deteriorate and shorten while he/her is suffering with any intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual difficulties. (I have included the five intelligences). The fraying, deteriorating and shortening of the telomeres accelerates the aging process. It quickens the end of the life-span and the child’s life-force.

The autistic child’s immune system is progressively compromised, unified with, brain impairments, and it puts the child at greater risk for damage when the accumulation of toxic heavy metals are combined with his/her already brain impairment and nervous system. The brain has double the dose of an intensity of poisons and cannot cope, resulting in further impairments, learning disabilities and difficult behavior

Back in the 1970’s when my daughter was very young, she came down with Nephrotic Syndrome, a kidney disorder. Back in the 1970’s there was nothing around on environmental exposures and the doctors never studied it, didn’t believe it existed (and still don’t), and never thinking that environmental exposure would cause a young girl’s kidney’s to fail.

My daughter was in and out of a Sydney children’s hospital and under Renal Doctor’s care. She was near to death on many occasions. The specialists wanted to treat her with strong medication, using her as a guinea-pig to trial new drugs, only treating symptoms and never treating the cause.

Back then, girls were more prone to Nephrotic Syndrome than boys.

I was totally against the specialist’s protocol for treating Nephrotic Syndrome. I had head-on arguments with them and with my ex-husband. With no research to go on, with no help, no support, I dedicated myself to finding the underlying cause, as I didn’t believe that ‘healthy’ kidney’s just turn off by themselves, unless something else triggered them off.

24/7 I never let my daughter out of my sight. I kept a daily diary of everything she ate and drank, everywhere she went and whom she visited and who visited our home. I tested her urine every morning to monitor her kidneys. I put her on a special and rigid nutritional regime, but kept it fun as she was only very young.

I watched how some days (by testing her urine), she would lose huge amounts of protein in her urine and other days not so much. So I noted where she had been the day and time before and what would account for the rise and fall of protein in her urine.

The Renal Specialists did permit me to treat my daughter at home, something that was not done in those days. I noted that when she went to school her condition worsened and so I had to keep her home for the next day or so. I would just get her well, then she would visit someone else’s home and trigger her kidneys off again. This was perpetual.

I mentioned this to the specialists and they thought me rather inane. However, 24/7 I kept up the daily diary and a special nutritional regime to assist her kidneys. I decided to keep my daughter at home and I taught her correspondence schooling, as I had been warned that if she caught chicken-pox it could kill her. I couldn’t take this risk so I kept her at home and gave her correspondence schooling, which she excelled at. I also had two younger sons as well to take care of.

I traced the failing of her kidneys down to her school environment, yes, environmental exposure. I situated my research to around the school, looking under classroom floors and what was in the classrooms themselves. What was she exposed to?

This particular school on the North Shore of Sydney, known for its beautiful gum trees, and specialized in gum trees, these gums being particularly tall, due to their root system that ran down underground into an underground creek. So I had enormous gum trees and hundreds of them, an underground creek and not much lawn as no grass could grow under the shade of these huge gums. This made the cover of the ground, mostly earth dirt and dust for children to play in.

The classrooms back then were not on concrete slabs, but built up on brick piers, where every leaf and dead matter would blow under the classrooms resulting in a huge pile of decayed and rotten matter, a combustion, a huge compost heap. Added with, it had rising damp and mold, as the sun never shone under there. No maintenance guy had ever crawled under the floors to clean this combustion and decaying compost heap out. This, along with, the dusty playground, damp soil from the shade of the gums and rising damp from an underground spring, all environmental exposure was killing my daughter.

My daughter had been breathing in the bacteria and spores of this moldy, damp, decaying ‘compost heap’ coming up from under the timber flooring, it was causing an allergic reaction, hence triggering off her kidneys to fail.

It took me three years of dedicated research, a 24/7 daily diary, 24/7 never out of my sight, urine tests every morning and a strict nutritional regime to successfully heal my daughter. With no help from any medication.

When I found the cause, I treated the cause, by removing her from this ‘bush’ school to a home environment where she flourished in home schooling and after three years she returned to a private all-girls school. I totally cured her, she never had a relapse and never had a remission.

The Renal Specialists at the children’s hospital told me that they had never seen a young child ever cured by this approach and research….she was the only child that they had seen completely cured. They saw her successfully cured, and one Renal Doctor whom I remained friends with and who used to visit me to learn more understanding into the disease, research, the cause, and my approach to healing her, finally gave me the recognition of healing and curing a young girl with Nephrotic Syndrome, with chronic kidney failure.

Yes, it was all due to environmental exposure, something never talked about back in the 1970’s (and not of today). The Nephrotic Syndrome was healed and cured due to removing her from an environmental exposure, that caused her a chronic allergic reaction, resulting in kidney failure.  And it’s curable.

Back in the late 1960’s a person/child had to have a smallpox vaccination when they travelled overseas. As a family we travelled to London and lived there for a couple of years. When my daughter was very young she had her compulsory smallpox vaccination and I noticed whilst living in London that she wasn’t well and she had continuous pain/spasms in her little legs….London doctors called it, “growing pains.”   I have always been of the opinion that the smallpox vaccination, combined with, its ingredients of heavy metals, triggered something off in her small body. I’m also of the opinion that the ill-effects of the vaccination poisoning remained in her system and then on her return to Sydney and commencing school with exposure to a particular unhealthy ‘bacteria’ bush environment, triggered off her Nephrotic Syndrome and kidney failure.

A smallpox vaccination was obligatory for travelers. Has any University/College, Teaching Institution and/or doctors/scientists, ever given the thought that these smallpox vaccinations (and its heavy metals ingredients), would have crossed the threshold of the sperm resulting in sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage, causing long-term repercussions and sickening consequences on a man’s offspring and his future generations. These scientific institutions have a lot to answer for.

Autism can be cured….it is curable, and I have the scientific proof and evidence that it is being cured on a regular basis.

I can provide online consultancy for those requiring the appropriate supplements, a focused and natural nutritional procedure, and a safe and natural chelator for the removal of heavy metal poisoning from the body. The reason for taking the appropriate supplement, the appropriate, focused and natural nutritional procedure, and the appropriate, safe and natural chelator combined together, is that they all complement each other.

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