Heavy Metals Cross the Threshold of the Sperm

As the testicles are positioned very close to the surface of the skin it leaves the testicles exposed and in danger of the absorption of heavy metals and radiation. Example, radiation crossing the threshold of the sperm when men go through metal detectors, backscatter scan, millimeter wave scanners, security screening, wands, baggage security screening at airports etcetera. Initiating sperm mutations, prostate cancer and tumors in the testicles.

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As the testicles are positioned very close to the surface of the skin it leaves the testicles very susceptible and predisposed to sperm mutations. The testicles being very close to the surface of the skin, leaves them uncovered, defenseless, at risk, in a weak position and wide-open to sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

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Sperm Cell

“Mother Nature recoils against any accusations and allegations against a mother.” Added with, “Nature, so far as in her lies, imitates God.” Lord Tennyson.

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“Things are never what they seem.” Society thinks that nothing exists, except that which can be touched and seen. Men have always considered sperm as a taboo subject and male menopause as an unthinkable and unmentionable thought, this denial and irresponsibility was to materialize into future generations up the creek without a paddle.

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It originated with social engineering, satanic mastery, male-dominated establishments, lack of quality thinking, the collective brain of the masses and slave mentality, and this mind-set still applies up to this very day.
For centuries, male-dominated establishments, along with, Big-Pharma and their allies, suffer with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Dismissive Behavior and Reactive Thinking. “Mediocrity recognizes nothing higher than himself,” so these male-establishments, Big-Pharma and their supporter’s mediocrity recognize nothing higher than themselves. People will not want the truth, because truth is an inconvenience.

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The fraying, deteriorating and shortening of the telomere length begins with the thought process. The Bible mentions, “in the beginning was the word.” The word is a resonator and each word starts with the thought process. A man’s emotional outlook of negative choices, thoughts and thinking cause the strand of DNA to wind more tightly, while positive, mindful, goodness and empathy choices, thoughts and thinking, cause the strand of DNA to unwind, revealing favorable changes within a few minutes.

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You can read a collection of health and vitamin books, take hundreds of vitamins and anti-aging pills, participate in varieties of health diets and health seminars, take probiotics and fads that are the “flavor of the month,” have cosmetic surgery, spend hundreds of dollars on fantasy DNA and stem-cells reprogramming courses, spend thousands of dollars on HGH injections, but unless you remove the heavy metal toxicity out of your body first and foremost, these alternatives will be of no benefit. The heavy metal toxicity within your body, will override every one of them in your system. All are a waste of time and money. At the same time, the brilliant scientifically-based, state-of-the-art nutritional genomics, that is, nutrigenomics, genotype, that is, personalized diet/nutrition, genetic profiling, DNA diet/nutrition, that is the spearhead, a new reformation, revelation, radical and revolutionary for a new society, will work wonders on your mind, body and spirit, if you help to eliminate the heavy metal toxicity from your body beforehand.

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Fountain Of Youth

Pythagoras had a sign over his School, “Man Know Thyself.” (Contrary to the beliefs of the Inquisition and male-dominated establishments). Learn to knowing thyself, look within yourself first.

Book : Written by Roslyn De Avene “A Metaphysical Journey – Discovery of the Holy Grail.”

According to the legend, the mystery of the Holy Grail was only revealed to those few who attained pure knighthood.

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New Direction

Reasonable men adapt to the world, unreasonable men expect the world to adapt to them, unified with, those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. New awakening for those who do not believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is genes being reborn. Genes are reborn, reincarnated, into the next generation. Instigate taking full responsibility for your genes that are reborn and reincarnate (reawakened, resurrected and re-embodied), into your offspring.

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