Systemic Alkalosis & Systemic Acidosis

The more alkaline, no ejaculation. The more acid, a quicker ejaculation. This indicates that a man who has a heightened intake of sodium within his body will have a quicker ejaculation, and a man who has a heightened intake of potassium within his body will have a decrease in ejaculations.

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The Science of Mind & The Five Intelligences

“Socrates was a lateral thinker. Socrates went against the will of the people. He went to his death, the most knowledgeable, noblest, wisest and honorable man. Society may have killed him, however, that society is now dead and forgotten, but Socrates will live forever.” “A Metaphysical Journey – Discovery of the Holy Grail.”

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Vitamin B.12 Injection

I was seeking out if B.12 injections contained mercury, mercury being used as a preservative.

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Tough Love

John Baines writes, “The Stellar Man,” (2002). “The Stellar Man does good works, but ‘is careful to whom.’ He helps to the limit of his strength, but only for those who, in his estimation, truly merit help. He believes that helping those who lack merit means to truly harm them. If the support offered is wasted, or not fully utilized, he helps two or three more times, but then no more.”

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, reveal and uncover, that apocalyptic and catastrophic events on the earth, nature, humankind (famine, disease, war and death), and on the environment, are having karmic Last Judgment, karmic Final Judgment, and karmic Judgment Day, occurring every day around the world as daily punishment and as Divine Punishment, to man.

“A Metaphysical Journey – Discovery of the Holy Grail.”

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