Fountain Of Youth

We are now into the Science of Longevity. The Science and Technology of Longevity. Anti-aging firewalls.

It is sound common sense, it stands to reason, its simplicity, to put up a firewall to stop your brain/mind and body from aging.

A very good place to commence putting up an anti-aging firewall is to stop taking heavy metals into your body.

It is of right mind in the prevention and treatment of heavy metals, that it assists the brain/mind and body to stop aging quickly and it prevents excessive damage to the sperm, DNA structure, telomeres, hormones, DHEA, stem cells, metabolism, longevity genes, genetic coding (genetic blueprint), and all organs.

People tend to increase more toxins as they age. The prevention and/or eradication of heavy metals from the brain/mind and body acts as a firewall to prevent the aging process.

The eradication of heavy metals would unquestionably help to stop the brain/mind, body and soul from aging.

An anti-aging firewall, is conclusively the Fountain of Youth.

Heavy metals will cause mutations, effecting the DNA, telomeres, hormones, DHEA, stem cells, the genetic coding (genetic blueprint), altering the brain/mind, the blood, organs and crossing the threshold of the sperm resulting in mutations. Rid oneself of heavy metals to prevent mutations and this will act as an anti-aging firewall, support longevity and promote the Fountain of Youth.

A firewall to retain healthy telomeres to safeguard cellular health to endorse longevity, that is, the Fountain of Youth, is unquestionably a prevention of taking heavy metals into the body.

The prevention and the removal of heavy metals would most certainly promote longevity and promote a firewall and anti-aging support.

People look to miracle creams and fantasy potions to give them the Fountain of Youth, they look to sources outside of themselves, however, the secret to the Fountain of Youth lies within.

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