Heavy Metals Cross the Threshold of the Sperm

“Greek Philosophy: For Aristotle, semen is the residue derived from nourishment, that is of blood. According to Aristotle, there is a direct connection between food and semen. Sperms are the excretion of our food, or to put it more clearly, as the most perfect component of our food.”

All environmental pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drugs, ice, alcohol, medications, vaccinations, prescription drugs, supplements, allergies, inadequate diet, polluted food and water, GMO’s and processed foods and meats (containing nitrates), together with, paints, pesticides, fertilizers, rodent poisons, black-ink from tattoos (Nano Ink), heavy metals and pollutants cross the threshold of the sperm, resulting in mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage. Errors occur during the sperm’s replication.

A man’s emotional outlook of negative choices, thoughts, thinking and depression greatly impact his health and quality of life.

We are exposed to 82,000 different toxins and chemically based products within our environment every week. Think about all of these crossing the threshold of the sperm.

A lifetime of exposure to chemical preservatives, radiation, chemicals, solvents, asbestos, arsenic, lead and mercury poisoning etcetera, impair the sperm count and sperm mobility, and cause mutations of the sperm.

Environmental conditions will effect gene expression.

A well-known herbicide damages sperm cells and affects the reproductive system. It is now found with this world-known herbicide that there is an increasing number of men becoming infertile and a drop in testosterone levels. Take into consideration, this herbicide crossing the threshold of the sperm and its insidious side-effects. This notorious herbicide is found in public parks, mall planters, horticulture, around farms and school playgrounds.

Mercury is used in vaccinations as a preservative.

Chronic mercury poisoning results in Fibromyalgia. Have your mercury amalgam dental fillings caused your Fibromyalgia? Many people have been known to cure their Fibromyalgia, that is, chronic mercury poisoning, with a course of the removal of heavy metals. If it is shown that you are excreting less mercury from the body, it could be due to the fact, the mercury is accumulating in the body.

Mercury will deplete the level of glutathione, a protein involved in its excretion and the body’s main essential ingredient to neutralize the toxic accumulation. Mercury (an Endocrine disruptor), appears to be very insidious. Glutathione is an important ingredient to strengthen the body’s immune system, but mercury poisoning is deliberately antagonizing and depleting the glutathione to exhaust the immune system….destabilizing the immune system so it cannot eradicate the mercury from the body.

Glutathione is also known to facilitate the excretion of arsenic from the body.

Glutathione levels appear to be very low in all chronic diseases, clearly due to the fact that the immune system has been compromised.

Note: Cilantro – (oil) – super-herb – known as coriander. Cilantro can be very dangerous on a heavy metal toxic person, since it can cross the brain-blood barrier and can relocate mercury from the body to inside the brain. Take your time….do NOT rush….Do not take any cilantro chelator, and/or alpha lipoic acid, that crosses the blood-brain barrier if you still have a lot of mercury in your body.

On the exact same evening, there were two stories on television about children. One, where villagers from a village in New Guinea were using antiquated tools to extract gold dust from an old and used open-cut mine. They were using mercury to separate the contents in the gold-pans. Babies in the village were being born with deformities. Clearly, the mercury is crossing the threshold of the sperm, causing a mutation, genetic mutations and DNA damage. They are blaming the village women for the rise in deformities, however, this is a moronic statement to blame the village women, as the wives were not with their husbands in Vietnam when the troops were exposed to Agent Orange and the repercussions that arose from that environmental exposure.

Troops in Vietnam that were exposed to toxic chemicals and the heavy metal Agent Orange, were subjected to having children born with birth defects and abnormalities. The Agent Orange crossing the threshold of the sperm while the sperm is replicating, splitting and dividing, resulting in new genetic mutations.

The second story that evening, was about a boy with Dwarfism. The specialist stated that the boy’s Dwarfism was due to a mutated gene. One only had to look at the boy’s background, his playground, his backyard, his constant environment of his father’s vineyard. The young boy having fun riding his quad-bike (heavy metals), throughout the vineyards. A vineyard would have to be one of the worst environments for spraying, chemicals, toxins (tractors, machinery, distillery), and the worst of heavy metals. His father worked in the vineyard totally exposed to all chemicals and heavy metals, subsequently crossing the threshold of his sperm, resulting in sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage….The specialist who firmly stated that Dwarfism was due to a mutated gene, did not pick up on the fact, that the boy’s father worked in a very heavy metal environment and the young boy was seriously exposed to heavy metal internal and external environmental pollution. I cannot believe that the specialists cannot see this.

It would be most advisable for the father to have a urine and blood test for heavy metals and be examined for heavy metal toxicity, and his young and small son to have a urine and blood test for heavy metals and to commence eradicating all heavy metal poisons from the young boy’s body, taking with it, the removal of the inherited paternal heavy metals that initiated the mutation and the Dwarfism. The young boy has to be immediately removed from all heavy metal internal and external environmental pollution. Possibly the home and the vineyard’s irrigation water supply could also be badly contaminated with heavy metals, especially if its tank and/or bore water.

There is another toxic fungicide, known to be an Endocrine disruptor, is used on vegetables, fruit and grapes and on turf on golf courses.

Furthermore, what about the fruit-pickers and the back-packers in the orchards and in the vineyards picking the fruit that has been sprayed with toxic heavy metals and chemicals.

The following morning there was a television story on Australian firemen whose Sydney training station, work facilities and conditions were of serious concern and a “whistle blower” had come forward about the men being very sick and dying of cancer. There was a cancer cluster on the base. The firemen were dying from three forms of cancer.

The working conditions and the training facilities for firemen would most certainly contain chemicals and toxic heavy metals. On a daily basis, these firemen are seriously exposed to a heavy metal environment (breathing it in and on their skin), and are dying of heavy metal poisoning. They had skin cancer, this is one of the first cancers associated with arsenic poisoning, and it’s interesting that they have testicle cancer. These chemicals and heavy metals crossing the threshold of the sperm, resulting in mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

I was horrified that no one had the intelligence to know what was causing the cancer cluster. Either this is a cover-up, or the doctors have no idea of heavy metal poisoning. I’m of the opinion, that the doctors, the firemen’s superiors, their government departments and society do not have the knowledge of a heavy metal environment, chemical and heavy metal exposure, and heavy metal working conditions, resulting in a cancer cluster. In common with, no healthy working conditions, no correct diagnosis, no correct treatment, no correct answers for the men and their families and resulting in their deaths, is immoral, callous and criminally negligent.

When I was self-alerted to my arsenic poisoning, my skin and lungs were the first to show the early signs and symptoms advancing towards skin and lung cancer. A melanoma in its very early stages did show up and this was removed and fortunately it was benign.

The doctors and the hospitals, with the wrong diagnosis, are only treating the symptoms and are not treating the cause. Poisoning and flooding a person’s body with the heavy metals of chemotherapy and radiation, to an already body flooded with heavy metal poisoning, is insane and criminally negligent.

I’m deeply moved by this cancer cluster and the men’s death, as I specialize in this area of cancer clusters and could have ‘cured’ these men and saved their lives.

A “zombie logic” society that is already upon us, has not had the brains, insight and knowledge to comprehend that these Sydney firemen, rescue and recovery workers, have similar cancers, that is, prostate and myeloma (and thyroid cancer), to their New York rescue and recovery counterparts who rushed in to help the victims of the Twin Towers tragedy.

Three cancers, that is, three malignancies showed up due to the rescue and recovery in this heavy metal environment. The New York rescue and recovery workers, exposed to airborne debris, dust, fumes, chemical contamination and heavy metals had an increased risk of prostate cancer, and doubled the risk of thyroid cancer and nearly tripled the risk of multiple myeloma. It is the same evidence and pattern of con- tamination happening all over again and visible for all to see, but doctors, scientists and society have blinkers on and still have their heads in the sand.

Exposure to environmental debris, dust, fumes, chemical contamination and heavy metals will cross the threshold of the sperm, resulting in sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage. It’s during its replication that errors occur.

Results are coming in that the majority of young Japanese children exposed to the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, are suffering with thyroid cancer and the diagnosis of thyroid cancer is growing. Exposure to radiation and radiation poisoning results in thyroid cancer. The firemen, rescue and recovery workers, presently in a cancer cluster in Sydney, and the New York firemen and rescue and recovery workers involved in their cancer cluster, have all been exposed to radiation and radiation poisoning, resulting in thyroid cancer.

Interestingly, twice as many men die of melanoma….skin cancer. This says it all and its categorical evidence, that if twice as many men die of melanoma, then it’s due to the fact that men are more largely exposed to an internal and external heavy metal environment with more chemical contaminations, resulting in heavy metal poisoning, due to their working conditions, careers, hobbies and lifestyle.

It was found that the men in prison have much more of a compound like mercury or lead in their blood than normal people. Majority of these men are heavily covered in black-ink lead tattoos (Nano Ink). They are heavy smokers, drinkers, handle drugs, they reside in a heavy metal environment and these men have eaten an appalling junk food diet over their entire lifetime (combined with, their heavy metal motorcycles and weapons), creating a heavy metal diet and lifestyle. This heavy metal and toxic pollution and lethal internal and external environment, would seriously add to their disruptive and violent behavior.

Heavily tattooed prisoners….tattooed with black-ink lead….the black-ink lead resulting in lead poisoning and/or symptoms of lead poisoning. Black-ink lead, a compound like mercury or lead would show up in the men’s systems. Added with, smoking (containing arsenic and heavy metals).…heavy metals crossing the blood-brain barrier.

A lifetime of a junk food diet, exposure to heavy metals, tattoos of black-ink lead and lead poisoning and a very heavy metal environment in the prison system, will undoubtedly enhance all the more their very disruptive and violent behavior. A toxic body, a toxic mind.

Consider this enormous variety of heavy metal poisoning crossing the threshold of the sperm. Errors occurring during its replication, mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations, DNA damage, telomere shortening and aging sperm, this perpetual damage acting as the catalyst to materialize into brain/mind, violent and aggressive disorders that he passes down to his offspring, particularly his sons and future generations. This stamp and seal of his sperm is genetically imprinted, genetically programmed, transmissible, inborn and hereditary.

No empathy, no compassion and no remorse, equates with a low emotional intelligence IQ. Having no empathy is a psychiatric characteristic.

A toxic world, toxic people. Adverse health-effects have a huge impact on violent crime, physical abuse, rape, domestic violence, homicide, hate and race crime, property crime and crime against the homeless. Arrested offenders always tend to be male.

Men in the mining industry, men in the Armed Forces, the police force, firemen, airline pilots, motor mechanics, the building industry, nearly every industry and profession and particularly those men, the farmers, their sons and male farmhands using tank-water, bore-water, pesticides, fertilizers, weed-killers, crop dusting and spraying, all of these heavy metals and toxins, together with, the most potent of heavy metals being, aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, caesium, chromium, cobalt, copper, mercury, lead, platinum, thallium, tungsten, uranium and radiation, crossing the threshold of the sperm.

These heavy metals have been directly linked to many disease and disorders and to the deterioration of the immune system and the central nervous system. All of these, can corrupt the body’s DNA.

In my research and on interviewing women with a current history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and who have been very ill with it, on each and every interview, like clockwork, the same identical pattern and portrayal appears. Upon asking the women what career/vocation/occupation/work was their father involved in at the time of their conception (and their siblings), these women said, “my father worked on a farm.” During their time of conception when their fathers worked on a farm, DDT, Gramoxone, Atrazine (and many since banned poisons and chemicals) were used. (Banned chemicals still come out of China under a different name/label). Undoubtedly, and I’m of the opinion that there is one single, specific and a distinct heavy metal (or possibly combined with another heavy metal), that will simultaneously, uninterruptedly, connect, coincide and correlate with, that acts as the catalyst that will mete out the mutation, the genetic mutation and/or DNA damage, materializing in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the man’s offspring.

I spoke to a woman who is in her fifties and who has terrible joint pain and has to use a walker. Upon asking her, “what did your father do?” looking at me very startled and surprised, she replied, “he was an ironmonger and worked in an ironmongery.”

Many Chinese, Pakistan and Indian herbal and medicinal remedies contain arsenic. One in five products are contaminated with dangerous levels of heavy metals. Rice is grown in paddy fields and if the soil and water is contaminated then the rice will be contaminated. Contaminated irrigation water flowing from contaminated pipes into the paddy fields will contain arsenic and heavy metals. Arsenic is found in organic, brown and wholemeal rice. Brown rice contains more arsenic as it retains a husk on the outside that retains the arsenic. There is more arsenic in the outer husk of the rice, than in white rice.

Arsenic is one of the worst of heavy metals. Arsenic poisoning symptoms take around eight to twelve weeks for the symptoms to appear and can stay in the system for up to ten years….most likely you will be dead before the ten years is up. It’s a carcinogen, that means it can/will result in changes in the cells that eventually lead to cancer. Arsenic poisoning resulting in skin cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, liver cancer and kidney cancer.

Arsenic compounds are well absorbed within twenty-four hours and distributed to the lungs, liver, intestinal wall and spleen where they bind to groups of tissue proteins.

Arsenic ‘may’ damage and kill cells by causing aberrations to chromosomes and arsenic ‘may’ interfere with blood circulation. Seriously consider this crossing the threshold of the sperm resulting in mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

Arsenic poisoning ‘may’ cause muscle cramps, it concentrates in the muscles and causes muscle weakness. I was personally effected with muscle weakness in my arms when I was stricken with arsenic poisoning.

Arsenic replaces phosphorous in the bones where it may remain for years. A male customer who has been exposed to a heavy metal and radiation environment for his entire working career, said to me this week, “my bones are sore.” My immediate response is that the arsenic (been there for years), had replaced the phosphorous in his bones and making his bones sore. He has sores in his mouth and this man also has nose bleeds, one of the symptoms of radiation poisoning.

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to internal bleeding and abscesses.

I know of two men, one an Army helicopter pilot and the other a Navy aviator. One having served as an aviator in the Navy on an air-craft carrier and the other served in Vietnam in the Army. Both men have suffered with a stroke. Their physical working, eating and sleeping conditions were exposed to a heavy metal poisoning lifestyle and environment. Unified with, the exposure of heavy metal poisoning, encumbering on the emotional and the brain/mind, resulting in stress disorders. I have a thought-provoking possibility that a specific, distinct and particular type of heavy metal (or a combination of heavy metals)….that acts as the catalyst….may well have accumulated in the brain resulting in the impairment and/or damage to the brain materializing in a stroke. It would be very interesting and leading-edge research to discover if strokes are a condition of heavy metal poisoning.

This heavy metal poisoning lifestyle would have shortened their telomeres, that is, telomere shortening. Consider that there is a strong possibility that the fraying, deteriorating and shortening of their telomeres, that is, telomere shortening, that instigates the aging process, left an impairment, resulting in a stroke.

I’m of the opinion that these mutations and/or impairments can lie dormant for many years and then something will trigger them off. They have been inactive and switched-off and then something can reactive them and switch them on. It’s akin to the organs memory bank being awakened.

Categorically, these two men would have suffered the repercussions and consequences of the heavy metals crossing the threshold of their sperm, resulting in mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations and/or DNA damage, not only on themselves, but also on their offspring.

Sleep disorders, that is, sleep epidemics and chronic sleep problems are on the rise. Arsenic poisoning ‘may’ cause anorexia and memory impairment. If arsenic poisoning can cause chronic sleep problems, anorexia and memory impairment, then I’m definitely of the opinion that the accumulation of arsenic and arsenic poisoning in the brain will result in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Heavy metals cross the blood-brain barrier. Heavy metal poisoning will cross the brain, causing impairments (and memory impairments), resulting in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Arsenic poisoning ‘may’ cause eczema and dermatitis….together with, an itching. The reason being, that arsenic accumulates in the hair, in the nails and in the skin. Skin cancer being one of the first cancers arising from arsenic poisoning.

One of the first symptoms of arsenic poisoning is hair loss. Arsenic accumulates in the hair and causes hair loss. However, it is wrongly diagnosed as stress or old-age.

Because arsenic and heavy metal poisoning symptoms relate identically to other conditions, illnesses and disease-like symptoms, doctors cannot pick up on it, so the heavy metal poisoning symptoms become wrongly diagnosed. They are only treating the symptoms and not treating the cause.

I had a male friend who had a lung transplant. He had been a well-known American photographer. The photographer in those days had a ‘dark-room’ to develop their photos and used an assortment of chemicals, that is, heavy metals, to develop their photos.

The chemotherapy for lung cancer failed and he resorted to a lung transplant. He was on a medication of twenty tablets a day to stop the body rejecting his new lungs.

He sold his two homes to pay for his lung transplant, chemotherapy, medications and treatment. After his insurance ran out and all his money ran out, he was denied hospital access for any more reatment. Left as a pauper, he got a slight cold and he died.

He was wrongly diagnosed. He had a combination of heavy metal poisoning, due to the toxic chemicals that he was constantly exposed to, breathing in and handling on a daily basis. Lung and skin cancer are the first cancers to arise from arsenic poisoning. His lung cancer (there would be underlying symptoms of skin cancer that were not identified), was due to arsenic poisoning, resulting in lung cancer and wrongly treated with the heavy metals of chemotherapy and radiation. Then he was subjected to a lung transplant, then he was supplied with a huge amount of medication.

Chemotherapy and radiation are heavy metals that cause harm to the immune system. As his immune system had totally deteriorated due to the accumulation of many heavy metal poisons, then there is no way in this world that one would expect an already worsened, impaired and damaged immune system to accept a new organ/implant into his body. His immune system, his organs and his body had totally broken down due to heavy metal poisoning.

Take into account the chemotherapy and the radiation poisoning in the hospital system shortening his telomeres, that is, telomere shortening. Fraying, deteriorating and damaging the telomeres, resulting in telomere shortening and instigating the aging process.

Heavy metal poisoning accumulation is toxic to other organs and can cause organ failure.

His environmental cause, exposure, operation, treatment and medications all involving heavy metal poisoning, would cross threshold of his sperm and cause mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage. It all resulted in him losing his libido and leaving him with erection dysfunction (organ failure). He lost his physical prowess, his sexuality and his manhood.

There are toxins in upholstery and in its cans of a spray-on to safeguard the material. There are toxins in polyester and nylon….fabrics, clothing, underwear, linen and sheets. Toxins in toothpaste, shampoos, soaps and sunscreens.

Offenders like toxic personal care products, certain supplements, toxic household cleaning products and mold. Exposure to EMF-Electromagnetic Field radiation, emitted by cell/mobile phones, WiFi, antennas, communication towers and radiation exposure such as microwaves etcetera, and mercury in dental amalgams, all are retention toxicity.

Contaminated drinking water, destructive toxic antibiotics and synthetic hormones found in dairy, meat and chicken. Contaminated shellfish and fish. Arsenic is in shellfish and chicken….chicken feed contains arsenic. Food and water from plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Imagine all of these heavy metals crossing the threshold of the sperm. Men drive a car, a truck and/or a tractor, that are heavy metals. Motorhomes are built entirely of heavy metals.

Car exhausts contain arsenic. Exposure to diesel exhaust and exhaust fumes shows a noticeable change in gene expression. An accumulation of mutations and gene changes in the sperm will have a bearing on the DNA.

Men who handle pewter and who drink from a pewter mug, pewter contains lead.

Men’s interests and hobbies, likened to sports equipment, contain heavy metals.

Consider what your food is washed in when you purchase a packet of “washed” spinach, or “washed” potatoes….it’s washed in chlorine (a poison). Swimming pools contain heavy metals and chlorine (a poison). Your dry-cleaning has been cleaned with solvents etcetera. Your drinking water, bath water and washing-up water contain fluoride, along with, the fluoride that has accumulated in the foods from irrigation, crop growing, market gardening and livestock. I contacted arsenic poisoning from town water.

Arsenic is in tank-water and well-water. Arsenic is used in glass manufacturing. Old treated wood and timber is treated with arsenic. Soldiers in the army are rife with heavy metals and arsenic, arsenic is used in lead shots.

Gallium arsenide is used in lasers that convert electricity into coherent light. The Beauty Salon industry use lasers and laser treatment.

Do not attempt to remove arsenic from the water by boiling. Boiling water will only increase arsenic levels.

Arsenic is used in pyrotechnics to give additional light and color to the flame.

Radiation has skyrocketed. Nose bleeds are one of the first symptoms and the first signs of radiation poisoning.

For those men wearing hearing-aids. Has it ever entered your mind what damage your mobile/cell phone would do to your hearing-aid….Consider the radiation from your mobile/cell phone damaging the mechanics of your hearing-aid. There is a sudden burst of radiation into the cells of the hearing-aid and then it peters off….but the radiation still remains there.

The Ebola virus can remain in the semen of infected men for many months. As a consequence, laying open to being sexually transmitted. Likewise, the Aids virus will possibly be the equivalent. The Ebola virus and the Aids virus crossing the threshold of the sperm, resulting in mutations of the sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

Consider blood transfusions. People donating blood will possibly have heavy metals in their body and blood. It should be obligatory that people donating blood should have a urine, blood and stools heavy metal test, before they donate their blood. In the testing, checking, filtering and cleaning the donated blood of all ‘baddies’ by the Blood Transfusion Centers, does this include the testing, the checking and the removal of all heavy metals from the blood.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal refugees from third-world countries illegally crossing borders all around the world, gives great concern to an already health crisis. Already over-loaded health resources will not be able to cope with the crisis, added with, costing billions of dollars.

For their entire lives these men have been exposed to every environmental toxicity and contamination. Undoubtedly, exposed to every heavy metal, chemical pollution, contamination and contagious diseases. These will result in all types of cancers, diseases and mental disorders (plus crime), along with, deformities and abnormalities in their children. One can observe, that these men’s life-time exposure and culture to heavy metal toxicity, chemical pollution, poisonings, water and food pollution and contamination, ill-health, Tuberculosis, Aids, contagious diseases, uncleanliness and poor nutrition, all crossing the threshold of the sperm. The errors in replicating, the sperm mutations, the genetic mutations and the DNA damage is a mutational time-bomb.

It is still seen where second generation descendants still have disease incidences similar to the members of the principal culture. It’s apparent that it will take up to two generations for genetic changes to happen.

Oh yes, if people want to be cynical about this information, that is, cynical distrust, then cynicism raises dementia risk. Cynical people develop a higher risk of dementia.

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