New Direction

“Everyman is accountable unto God. There will come a time when all darkness will be lifted and all motives will be revealed.”

Many of these articles are a history lesson, a lesson you haven’t heard before. The biggest lie in history that created an evolution. All the darkness is being lifted and all motives and the truth is finally being revealed.

The answers in their honesty, simplicity, absoluteness, soundness, thoroughness and entireness, have been right under societies noses but society cannot see them for looking.

We have to reinvent the wheel. Why, because the wheel and its continuous rotation has been desecrated and discredited by man. Man’s brain, mind, choices and thinking hasn’t changed since the time of the Inquisition. Big-Pharma, their allies, and the Pharmaceutical Companies, including many scientists and doctors, Universities and politicians with the mentality of the Inquisition, see any opposition to their belief system in the health industry and any threat and opposition to their money and greed, proceed to intimidate, threaten, victimize, ostracize, persecute, slander and defame the free-thinking and lateral-thinking opposition. Akin to the Inquisition who burnt innocent people at the stake, put them to the sword, and/or had their Philosophical Schools burnt down.

Terrorism is now a threat to our society. The terrorists have the mentality of the antiquated Inquisition. Anybody who opposes the terrorist’s belief system will be put to the sword, threatened, victimized and persecuted. Is Big-Pharma and their supporter’s mentality any different to the terrorist’s mentality who terrorize, oppress, threaten, victimize and persecute those who oppose their belief system?

Society and its mass consciousness still have the mind-set of the antiquated Inquisition, still believing that it’s the women’s fault if a child is born with any disability and health concerns. A belief system of the outdated Inquisition that the woman has to take the blame, shame, guilt and full responsibility when a child is born with any mental or physical disorder.

For those who do not believe in reincarnation. The genes are a tapestry of one’s life. A tapestry of past generations, a tapestry of the present generation and a tapestry of future generations. Genes are reincarnated from our ancestors, unified with, reincarnated preordained and predetermined genetic karma and genetic destiny.

An individual is a reflection of his/her genes and a reflection of his/her karma. Karma is hereditary, genetic and receivable, and destiny is hereditary, genetic and receivable. Genes are an energy of birth, incarnation and reincarnation. Genes go through incarnation, that is, one life in a series of lives, it is cyclic.   As genes are part of the reincarnation cycle, then there is no death. If genes continually replay, then there is no death. An individual (with the genetic tapestry of their ancestor), normally reincarnates as his/her own ancestor, this is reincarnation.

For humanity to have an abundance of good health, to survive correctly, to live in peace and with a sophistication to a higher understanding, with integrity and in truth, society has to change their antiquated Inquisition mentality and stop defaming, discriminating, insulting, blaming and intimidating women, the feminine principle and the feminine energy, and see the truth for what it really is, based on truth and on facts, that it has been sperm that has brought down the entire health and well-being of humanity since time began and continues to do so.

To those antiquated Big-Pharma companies and their supporters, stop your lies, infringement and encroachment upon others, you are breaching the Metaphysical Law of Non-Infringement, “do not infringe upon anybody, or upon any living thing.”  If Big-Pharma and their allies do not know what infringement and encroachment means, it means, violation, defilement and intrusion. Likewise and in fact, the Inquisition infringed upon everybody, infringed with violations, defilement, intrusion, hostility, punishment and with the abuse of power and control.

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