You will spend hundreds of dollars throughout the year on vitamin and mineral supplements. But have you ever considered that the heavy metals retained in your body will counteract and override these vitamins and mineral supplements, together with, overriding the vitamins and minerals from the food that you have eaten, making the vitamins and minerals ineffective in your system.

Accordingly, you have to go right back to the very beginning and firstly have a heavy metals detox (a safe and natural chelation), and support this with a liver detox to eradicate the heavy metals from your body, once you have done this, then take the vitamin and mineral supplements so as to be more effective in your system.

The immune system and digestive tract is overloaded with heavy metals and is trying to address this problem, but because the immune system is under pressure and stress it cannot cope, resulting in not being effective in absorbing these nutritional vitamins and minerals into the body.

Even medications deplete the body of immune system nutrients.

If the gut is not absorbing the necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals into the system for its survival, it will generate the aging process.

Heavy metals are tasteless and odorless and cannot be seen within the food, likened to vitamins and minerals are tasteless and odorless and cannot be seen within the food, however, people believe that vitamins and minerals exist within the food, but do not want to believe that heavy metals exist within their food/water and in their internal and external environment. This is due to the fact that the mass consciousness have blinkers on and are not lateral thinkers and do not think in other alternatives and in other possibilities.

An individual is not just taking one heavy metal into their system on a daily basis, they could be taking numerous and a diversity of heavy metals into their body on a daily basis.

It’s of the highest priority to have a urine and blood test for heavy metals. If your doctor does not request it, then take responsibility for yourself and twice a year have a ‘maintenance’ urine and blood test for heavy metals and detoxify your body of toxic heavy metals with a set nutritional procedure and a safe and natural chelator. A ‘maintenance’ test is most important to keep a watch on any heavy metals within your body and keep the heavy metals at bay.

Furthermore, a compulsory ‘maintenance’ urine and blood test for heavy metals will assist to prevent and avoid other illnesses and cancer. Example, arsenic poisoning results in skin and/or lung cancer. A ‘maintenance’ test is precautionary and prevention. Unquestionably, you are erecting a firewall, supporting the anti-aging process, longevity and the Fountain of Youth.

It’s of the highest priority for all men to have a compulsory and major urine and blood test for heavy metals, to check for heavy metals in their body and to have all heavy metals eradicated from their body/blood/sperm before they impregnate their wives/partners. A compulsory urine and blood test for heavy metals before they have children.

Another prevention, is that men can bank their sperm at an early age, in their twenties, to preserve younger sperm.   Then if men wish to have more children later on, either being left a widower and/or a second marriage (and avoid the paternal age effect), then their younger and healthier banked sperm can be relied upon to have healthier children. It would be most essential for men to take responsibility and to have a urine and blood test for heavy metals and eradicate all heavy metals from their sperm before they bank it.

I view men and women exercising, running the marathon, believing themselves to be fit and healthy, however, they continue to drink water from plastic bottles that contain toxic bisphenol and phthalates. They have their self-indulged and addictive attachments, their cell phones and their earphones. These earphones, electro-magnetic-frequency EMF, drumming non-stop in their ears and brain. This is heavy metal exposure and it’s not a healthy lifestyle.

They may be at the gym, exercising and running the marathon, however, bad bacteria will stop a weight loss.

Sportsmen, sportswomen and star athletes of all genre, along with, personal trainers, coaches, teachers, sports instructors, personal chefs, physical conditioning boot camps, fitness gyms of all genre (and your expensive juice extractors!), can spend a fortune and can still drop dead and/or get degenerative diseases and cancer.

Even the most physically fittest, the most athletic, can get sick and drop dead and people cannot understand how this happens to a physically-fit person, especially after all their years of preparation, sport, athletic-training, weight-training, running and arranged diets.

Why, because they still contain heavy metals in their body. They drink and eat food contaminated with nitrates and heavy metals. The heavy metals will override their food and fitness regime. The heavy metals will override all the good work they have done. Their organs will still retain heavy metals. Speaking from experience, arsenic poisoning will cause soreness in the muscles, I personally had soreness in my upper arm muscles.

To those star athletes out there, think of this poisoning getting into your muscles and the heavy metal poisoning depleting the strength in your muscles. Consider heavy metal poisoning depleting your energy stores. Think about heavy metal poisoning leaving a scarring on your heart. Consider heavy metal poisoning depressing your immune system.

It stands to reason, that any heavy metal in your brain and body will run down, deplete, exhaust, drain, lessen and reduce your physical fitness routine and times. Undoubtedly, by eradicating heavy metal toxicity from your brain and body, will most definitely give you the edge on your competitors.   If you want to win and get the edge on your competitors then rid your brain and body of all heavy metals.   By deleting the heavy metals from your body, you won’t need and/or want, or look to steroids, drugs, medications and pep-pills.

Let me know when you start getting better times and winning!!

A man has to stop smoking cigarettes with their heavy metals as these toxic metals cross the threshold of the sperm. Nicotine from tobacco is in blood and is in seminal fluid.

The cigarette companies, Big-Pharma, their allies, those Accessory to the Fact, make huge money with lung cancer derived from smoking so they won’t like me saying this, however, the reason people have an addiction for smoking is that they lack chromium in the body.

This is all to do with chromium – smokers with a lack of chromium in their body crave chocolate. When they are not having a cigarette they will get a craving for chocolate.

There are two varieties of chromium (too much information to go into it here), one is a heavy metal chromium and the other the “good guy” mineral chromium that is used in the body to regulate blood sugar levels, to prevent the highs and the lows of blood sugar and is known to play a vital role in both glucose metabolism and body fat.

The link between smoking and chocolate is sugar. Taking glucose into consideration, it has been shown that a chromium deficiency can cause a craving for chocolate and sugar, further exhausting your stores. There is a link here with diabetes.

Interestingly, a smoker addicted to cigarettes, that is, addicted to heavy metal toxicity, possibly getting the heavy metal chromium from the cigarettes, resulting in lung cancer (arsenic poisoning), but in fact, he is getting the worst form of chromium. So in his need to supplement his body of the good chromium (the mineral), he unfortunately supplements it with his chocolate craving and his addiction to sugar. Clearly, when he is feeling withdrawal symptoms, he has to quickly relieve these withdrawal feelings with either a cigarette, chocolate and/or a sugar product….these being both the good and the bad chromium.

It would be better to word a smoking addiction, an addiction for chromium. Cigarettes, its arsenic poisoning, chocolates and sugar are all acids, together with, turning to acid within the body. Cancer thrives on acid in the body.

A smoking addiction, a chocolate addiction and a sugar addiction are all linked to a chromium deficiency. Nearly ninety percent of people in the USA are chromium deficient.

Cigarettes are found to have the heavy metals of arsenic and lead etcetera. I’m of the opinion, that the slow deterioration of the lungs and the lung cancer do not result from inhaling the smoke from the cigarette, but the lung cancer arises from arsenic poisoning. Lung and skin cancer arises from arsenic poisoning, that is, heavy metal poisoning.

Do not rush out and replace a chromium mineral supplement back into the body to replace the urge for a cigarette, chocolate and/or a sugar addiction. If you’re a diabetic, it’s crucial that you and your doctor watch your blood sugar levels closely as your levels will drop with the addition of chromium.

I observed where a professor, was doing research on 1,200 pregnant women, testing to see where diabetes comes from. This professor, with grants for his research work in the prevention of diabetes, still retains the mentality, the mind-set of the Inquisition, falsely believing that the woman takes all blame, shame, guilt and responsibility for all diseases and abnormalities. This research is discrimination, sexism, prejudice, bias, intimidation and ignorance. I find this an insult. It is emotional, social and psychological abuse and has to stop. This professor with all his grants, is looking in the wrong direction.

To stabilize and prevent the deterioration in genetic health, genetic abnormalities and the mass decline in the health of the entire population, society as to adopt preventative health-care, individualized and personalized genetic nutrition and genetic wellness to change evolution.

Molecular and genetic cutting-edge technology appears to provide the means to combat neurological disorders, chronic disease and genetic abnormalities in the years ahead. Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics is a new and fast-evolving promising science that is to revolutionize personal health care, and an important contributor to health reform.

Nutritional genomics, i.e, nutrigenomics, genotype i.e., personalized diet/nutrition, genetic profiling, DNA diet/nutrition and genetic wellness. Nutrigenomics and the DNA diet/nutrition profile, is state-of-the-art technology, a person-centered process, is streamlining, and nutrigenomics is self-exploration and the route to self-improvement.

Most favorably, the personalized DNA diet/nutrition program is based on an individual’s own unique molecular identity. It’s a unique nutritional genetic profile. An individual’s own personalized diet, their own blend of specific nutrition, based on the individual’s own genes.

Nutrigenomics is tailored for the individual person, so ‘man’ will be less likely to participate in drugs, alcohol, smoking, bad nutrition, be less aggressive, be less violent and be less negative, and in so doing, he will minimize DNA and telomere damage reducing the risk of chronic disease.

I call Nutrigenomics, gene therapy, gene restoration, gene regeneration, gene rebirth, gene rejuvenation, gene revitalization, gene management, gene renewal, or gene revival for the prevention of degenerative diseases.

The enlightenment of nutritional genomics i.e., nutrigenomics, genotype i.e., personalized diet/nutrition, genetic profiling, DNA diet/nutrition and genetic wellness, to prevent a mass decline in the health of the entire population.

Nutritional genomics i.e., nutrigenomics, genotype i.e., personalized diet/nutrition, genetic profiling, DNA diet/nutrition and genetic wellness, is an advancing technology in health maintenance, that’s aimed at the relationship and interaction between nutrition and genes. The way diet and genetics can influence the delicate balance between health and disease.

A unique nutritional genetic profile, an individualized and personalized genetic diet, unified with, nutritional and genetic wellness, is in its entirety, the selective thought process.

Nutritional genomics i.e., nutrigenomics, clearly acts as an anti-aging fire-wall, an anti-aging tool, supports longevity, and prompts the Fountain of Youth.

The humanitarian practice of nutrigenomics will substantially assist to reduce the effect of inadequate and life-threatening paternal health problems on a man’s offspring.

The life-force and energy will be internalized with the fundamental aim of maintaining health, balance, equilibrium, synchronicity, inner strength, enlightenment, and quality of life. A sense of wholeness and integrity within oneself and setting the stage for an expansion of consciousness.

Likened to eating within one’s one blood group/type. For numerous years I have been eating according to my own blood group/type and I have always enjoyed it. It made sense to me to eat accordingly/match my own blood group/type. It has been of my own best interest to eat this way. Interestingly, when I liked a particular food and my body enjoyed consuming it, it always coincided, corresponded and matched-up with my own blood group/type.

I could write a thought-provoking chapter on the benefits of nutrigenomics, however, I will have to cease here.

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