How did we get to where we are today? How did we get here with a pandemic of diseases and degenerative brain disorders that are increasing world-wide, they keep strengthening and all have serious consequences?

Why, because it has been a part of history that we are not taught, a part of history that has been hidden away from us. All competition was eliminated (and still is), there was male dominance and there were dangerous assumptions. The mass consciousness had been lied to about their health, giving rise to, a crime against humanity and the biggest lie in history that started an evolution.

Where did this biggest lie and fabrication in history originate. It originated with patriarchal establishments, with the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church, male-dominated institutions and male-dominated science. Patriarchal rule changed history and created their own evolution, a lying evolution, for their own best interest, that has materialized into the decline in health of the entire population.

It was a persecuting society, women were given a stereotypical identity as witches and sorcerers and were seen as a threat to Christendom. Women persecuted as witches had been traditional healers and midwives of their communities and their annihilation had been a deliberate attack against female power. At the time of unrest, the Church, State and irreligious aristocrats used women as scapegoats to emphasize public anarchy, so they could reposition all responsibility. There was enforced civil authority, State intervention and Monarchy’s set up laws and Royal Commissions to hunt down witches. Witch-trials were a triumph for both patriarchy rule and male-dominated science. This was to exonerate themselves, reinforcing and strengthening their power.

The Roman Catholic papacy promoted populating and banned birth-control. So witch-hunts could be seen as an attempt to eradicate witches who had a highly developed midwifery skill and were prosecuted in order to extinguish knowledge about birth-control.

Many complex factors contributed significantly to millions of innocent women being intentionally stereo-typed and used as societal scapegoats and made to suffer and take the blame, shame, guilt, responsibility and pain for something they never did.

When something happened and went wrong, male-dominated institutions had to look for someone to take the blame, so it was set-up for women to be the whipping-boy and take the blame.

There was propaganda and witch-hunters published books, there was devil literature and devil press. Acts were carried out to stop the emancipation of women. Witch-hunts were an effort to annihilate “Aryan womanhood.”

The biggest lie and fabrication in history was founded upon, there was no education, there were traditional accusations, traditional beliefs, gender bias, ignorance, sociological causes, economic factors, superstition, entrenched prejudices against women and maternal age was always under scrutiny. Misogyny came about by the greater importance placed on men and a greater fear placed on women as inherently evil. There was a misogynistic tradition in Greek literature and Greek mythology.

Misogyny has been characterized as a prominent feature as the foundation of early Christian misogyny, it’s guilt about sex, it’s insistence of female subjection, its dread of female seduction, the legacy of Christian misogyny was consolidated by the so-called Fathers of the church. Over three centuries of witch-hunts the term “The Burning Times” was also referred to as the “Women’s Holocaust.”

It is stated, “God took a rib from man and made woman.” That creating Eve from Adam’s rib, an insignificant part of his anatomy, for women to be seen as inferior and the creation of Eve from Adam’s rib establishing male dominance. This myth, legend, lie, falsehood and betrayal has come down throughout the centuries. Women and men have the exact same number of ribs, twelve. Twelve pairs. Twelve on the right side and twelve on the left side. Men and women have equal number, twelve ribs on each side, making twenty-four altogether. (X-Rays as evidence). Obviously, this myth, trickery and deception was created by male-dominated societies and male-dominated institutions. It was to bring shame, disgrace, discredit, dishonor and humiliation upon women.

Adam’s weakness was pitiful and Adam played the victim role, so for centuries society has been falsely lead to believe that Adam was a victim of women. Undeniably, it was the beginning of a set-up for women to be left the victim.

“The sins of the fathers.” Adam had created the greatest sin of all, Adam had demeaned, belittled and criticized Eve in front of God. Adam had betrayed Eve in front of God. Adam and man should have been stronger than their excuses.

The Bible states, “the sins of the fathers” not “the sins of the mothers.”

Interestingly, there is no mention of any kind that Eve demeaned, belittled and criticized Adam in front of God.

The Bible states, “God made man in his own image.” This would have been written and added in by a male-dominated institution. It’s demeaning to women. As Mother Nature is the feminine side of God, God would never have made that statement. God would not have slighted the feminine principle, that is part of the Divine Principle. The Grail Knights would never have slighted women in front of God.

The worst thing the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic faith, patriarchal rule, patriarchal establishments, male-dominated institutions and male-dominated science was to set a predetermined, preordained and precedent for Empires and countries to decimate the feminine principle and the feminine energy. Creating havoc around the world.

These male-dominated institutions, with no metaphysical intelligence, giving the free-for-all for men, and by annihilating the feminine principle and the feminine energy, together with, setting-up the women to be the scapegoats and to take the blame, shame, guilt and responsibility, instigated the men to have no moral compass.

Every Empire and country (the Roman Empire), Asia, Africa and the Middle East who decimated the feminine principle and the feminine energy, fell and never to rise up again. Look at history, history always repeats itself. (Greece is now being decimated and humiliated). All Empires and countries who decimated the feminine principle (part of the Divine principle) and the feminine energy, fell, their countries in havoc, war-torn and barren….barren is an interesting word….meaning, unproductive, infertile, desolate, inhospitable, stark, unfruitful, harsh, bleak, along with, unwelcoming, hostile, and disease ridden. And never to rise up again. Together with, no moral compass, this was to be their punishment, this is their negative karma, their negative energy and their karmic destiny upon their nation, it is self-inflicted.   There is karma upon nations.

The genetic karma and the genetic destiny of every individual amalgamated as a whole and in its entirety, creates the energy, karma and destiny of its nation. If the people have a moral compass it will survive, if not, it will fall.

There always has to be a balance, the masculine principle and the feminine principle. Certain Empires and countries (especially in the Middle East), annihilated the feminine principle, they annihilated the feminine energy, they annihilated Mother Nature, they annihilated the balance. By doing this, they killed off Mother Nature (barren, nothing of any goodness grows there). Mother Nature is the feminine side of God and without the feminine principle and without the feminine energy the countries have fallen into rack and ruin, never to rise up.

If you decimate and annihilate the feminine principle and the feminine energy, it boomerangs back to decimate and annihilate you. It’s karmic, it’s a vibratory energy, a negative energy and a conscious energy radiated out by the masses. It is not of the right element. “Cause and effect,” cause and effect are two sides of ‘one’ fact. “Like begets like,” “what you sow, so shall you reap,” “you get back what you give out,” and “your deeds and works will follow you.” Together with, “what goes around, comes around,” and “as a man thinketh so he is.”

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion,” is a revolving law, it’s cyclic and it projects a force that evolves. The Law of Attraction,as it is Above, so it is Below.” These are inescapable Universal Laws that applies to all nations. Likewise, if you curse something, it will curse you back. Empires and countries (especially in the Middle East), cursed their women, so they have been cursed back.   It’s that simple!

Middle Eastern men, with the grandeur-of-self, their aggrandizement, their masculine dominance, with the antiquated mentality and antiquated behavior of the Inquisition, have become bitter, resentful, spiteful, jealous, angry, war-like, blame and terrorize, taking out all the consequences of their own choices and own behavior on the rest of the world.   This has occurred because the men have prevented their women, the feminine principle, and their country (including themselves), from evolving. It’s self-inflicted.

When an Empire and/or a country decimate and dishonor the feminine principle and the feminine energy, the country does not become enlightened and they do not evolve. Therefore, many countries in Asia, Africa and in the Middle East have not evolved.

The Middle East can be easily fixed and become productive and flourish again. It’s extremely simple, just reinstate a balance, with the reinstating of the feminine principle and the feminine energy.

To become a civilization, the country and its people have to become civil.

Millions of women over the centuries and presently remain, have been blamed for things they never created. For centuries it has been intimidation, emotional, psychological and social abuse. What an injustice that millions of women have gone to the grave taking the blame for things that in no way that they initiated or brought about.

What a horrific crime, stigma and injustice against women.

Millions of women throughout history and presently, who are disheartened and carry self-blame and guilt from a miscarriage, a still-born (fetal death), and/or a pre-eclampsia of pregnancy. Research shows “that certain men, dubbed ‘dangerous males’ are several times more likely to father pregnancies that would end in either pre-eclampsia or miscarriage.”

Psychological evidence: “Liars never co-operate.” Categorically, since the beginning of time, the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic faith, patriarchal rule, patriarchal establishments, male-dominated institutions, male-dominated science and those countries who crushed their women folk, had never co-operated with women and/or never co-operated for women’s best interest. Lying so as not to co-operate, materializing into the biggest lie in history that created its own evolution. An evolution based on untruths, lying and not co-operating can only materialize into degenerative diseases and degenerative countries.

Where is the scientific and medical evidence from the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church and the Islamic faith, to show that women are the cause of humanity’s ill-health, abnormalities and deformities. Produce the evidence.

There are five intelligences, intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence. Categorically, since the beginning of time, the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic faith, patriarchal establishments, male-dominated institutions, male-dominated science and patriarchal rule, were not born with the five intelligences and were not born with the five integrities, together with, their lack of conscience and their lack of spiritual consciousness, otherwise, they would not have lied and initiated a fabrication and a crime against humanity.

Fused and unified with the five intelligences, there are the five integrity. Intellectual integrity, emotional integrity, physical integrity, sexual integrity and spiritual integrity.

With no scientific and medical evidence, not being born with the ultimate combination of the five intelligences and the five integrities, with no metaphysical knowledge, no understanding and no wisdom, their decision was only centered on the emotions and the ego. Decisions should not be based on the emotions.

Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, broke away from religious conviction and philosophy and remained to a discipline of medicine. Thus, the other intelligences were not studied with medicine.

To this very day, University Institutions in their studies, male-dominated science, patriarchal rule and the mass consciousness, still retain and listen to the mentality and the mind-set of the Inquisition, men who did not have the wisdom, who were not born with the five intelligences and who were not born with the five integrities and whose decision was only centered on their emotions.

Evidence, a distinctive state of mind of the Christ Consciousness, as it was Jesus’ uniqueness that never participated in any male dominance. However, the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic faith, patriarchal establishments, male-dominated institutions, male-dominated science and patriarchal rule, those who broke away from God’s ideals, were dangerous hypocrites. They ruled with hypocrisy.

Furthermore, with evidence, why then was Pythagoras, the scholars, the great Initiates with intuitive knowledge, the Mystics, the true Metaphysical Masters, the Knight Templar, the Crusaders, the Grail Knights, the Essenes, the Knowers, the Visionaries, the Custodians of the Ancient Mysteries, the Illumined, the Enlightened, (direct thought for good) Mystery Schools, Secret Societies, Hermetic Brotherhood and Schools of Initiation, together with, millions of people put to the sword, burnt at the stake and had their Schools burnt down….why were they put out of existence….they were put out of existence so the truth could not be told. (And it’s still happening today).

Just as the Holy Grail being a chalice was a myth, a legend and a falsehood, with many layers added to the myth by the unenlightened man, so have unenlightened fraudsters and the patriarchal powers that be at the time, built convictions that when something went wrong, then someone must be identified and blamed for causing the situation. This blame game with many layers added to it, has become permissible over the centuries and became the breeding ground for women, along with her age, to be held accountable and marked out as the culprit for all poor health, abnormalities and mental problems. Deeply rooted in tradition, this cultural and social stigma was believed to be the world’s one and only truth with disastrous long-term effects.

Not only have the women been lied to and betrayed, but the men have been lied to and betrayed as well.

This biggest lie in history is in itself was to lead to mental abnormalities….any lie for the women and for the men leads to mental abnormalities.

A fabricated evolution, setting up a precedent since the beginning of time, where man has not taken any responsibility for his own mind, body and soul and has not taken any responsibility for the consequences of his choices, actions and behavior….they didn’t even have to be selective where they put their penis and sperm.

Immature front lobes of the brain with mental disorders who do not take any responsibility for the consequences of their choices and actions.

Immature front lobes of the brain with mental disorders who do not take any responsibility for the consequences of their behavior. This was to be genetically coded down throughout the centuries, by Adam, by men. Interestingly, the frontal lobes develop more slowly in males.

Eve was not at fault. It was a sin to criticize Eve. God observing this, seeing Adam’s cowardly act and belittling Eve in front of Him, implanted in man, a retribution, that from then on, the man, the father, would be the initiator (the masculine principle being the initiator), to pass on sperm mutations, genetic mutations and genetic abnormalities, that would create a mass decline in the health of the entire population. Added with, all sinful and wrongful thoughts (criticizing Eve was wrongful), caused by man’s ideals and not being in accord with God’s ideals, that would materialize into mental encumbrances in his offspring and future generations. This was to be man’s blueprint. It was self-inflicted, and it was the beginning of, “what Adam sowed, so did his progeny reap” for many centuries.

It appears that God punished man in what matters the most to man, his maleness and manhood, as that is how a man defines himself. Consequently, man was left with a chink-in-his-armor, resulting in a self-inflicted punishment of aging, splitting, dividing, declining, deteriorating and worsening, weakening and increasingly mutating sperm.

Conclusively, Adam had no moral development, no conscience development, no intellectual development, no emotional development, no sexual development and no spiritual development when he shamed, blamed and criticized Eve in front of God, and whatever a man does against his conscience is sin. Undeniably, man’s behavior has originated from sin.

Furthermore, another falsehood, those by an entire patriarchal rule, the establishment, had its own propaganda, a battle for the mind of man. Hate, suspicion, fear and scare-tactics were instigated to create a New World Order (still going on today). All Metaphysical Laws were breached by infringing upon everybody.

Everything originates in the mind of man, and the patriarchal establishment wanted the ultimate oblivion of enlightenment and those who thought for themselves, the free thinkers, the visionaries, so they could control the mind of man (still going on today).

Staying focused on the women, the Church, the State, and irreligious aristocrat’s agenda was to remove a matriarchal society and bring about a patriarchal society, so they conspired with sowing thoughts of hate, suspicion, fear and sin, along with, scaremongering and successful social engineering, to generate shame and blame and make women responsible and guilty for things they never created, and these sinful and depraved thoughts have gone on for centuries.

Adam and a patriarchal establishment, patriarchal social structures and male-dominated institutions changed history and created their own evolution, a lying evolution, for their own best interest. By conspiring to sow thoughts of permitting the men the sexual freedom to live and do as they please, with no shame, no blame, no responsibility and no guilt attached to them, resulting in, having no moral development, no conscience development, no emotional development, no sexual development and no spiritual development.

Since the beginning of time, so-called religious patriarchal establishments, patriarchal rule, male-dominated institutions and male-dominated science, with no moral development, no conscience development, no intellectual development, no emotional development, no sexual development and no spiritual development, would set-up this conspiracy, pretense, blame game and façade, that created an evolution founded on the biggest lie in history. As of today, teaching institutions the world over, Big-Pharma and their allies and the mass consciousness of society still retain this antiquated blame game, mind-set and mentality of the Inquisition and male-dominated institutions.

The Bible states, “the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children.” Unquestionably, the Roman Catholic Church, the Inquisition, the Islamic faith, patriarchal rule, patriarchal institutions, male-dominated establishments and male-dominated science did not listen, read or obey the Bible’s knowledge (of health, wisdom and psychology), it’s warning and threat, or did not read the Bible, so they were not in any intellectual or religious position to lay down the law (their law), that sperm was squeaky-clean.

Maybe, these male-dominated and so-called religious patriarchal establishments did read the Bible, read that “the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children,” and so knowing and believing in this warning and threat, acted swiftly to establish an evolution founded on deception, a hoax, a charade, a fabrication, for women to be the scapegoats, so the men did not have to take any responsibility.

Lying: Lying ages, declines, deteriorates and weakens the mind. Lying is a mental abnormality and if an individual makes a habit out of lying they will become a habitual liar. Lying is an addiction, and when the individual becomes addicted to lying, they become a developed liar. A liar has a severe lack of moral, conscience and emotional development.

Male-dominated and patriarchal establishments became developed liars, declining, deteriorating and weakening their minds resulting in a severe lack of moral, conscience and emotional development.

There is no way that society should have ever believed in them or trusted them.

There does not appear to be any written research and/or scientific evidence that states that men’s sperm is exceptionally perfect, perfectly healthy, unspoiled, unflawed, refined, complete and absolute.

For centuries, billions of men with no medical and scientific knowledge and no back-up, no validation, no corroboration, no confirmation, no rationale and with nothing to go on, have had the unbelievable impudence, audacity, effrontery, smugness, inference, and shamelessness, to instigate and create their own evolution, falsely assuming that any abnormalities in a child would come from the mother.

What right has the male population since the beginning of time, falsely assumed, taken for granted, believed, taken the liberty, taken upon themselves and been so bold to presume without any clinical, medical and scientific evidence, no research and no data whatsoever recorded, that their sperm is all pure and perfect, faultless, spotless, brand new, fresh, squeaky-clean, younger, in mint condition, creates more intelligence, immaculate, without stain and blame, without defects, unaffected, unadulterated, unchangeable, absolved, immune and healthy for their entire lives.

It is self-idolatry. With self-importance, arrogance, ignorance, prideful, smugness, superiority, self-satisfaction, big-headedness, narcissism, vanity and incredible conceit.

Throughout the centuries, this uncalled-for male belief without any clinical and scientific evidence, that his age, sperm and semen is far superior to that of a woman’s age, her eggs and her uterus heal1th, has left women targeted, set-up, betrayed, deceived, framed, shamed, blamed, responsible, guilty, victimized, entrapped and stigmatized. In common with, dishonoring, humiliating, embarrassing, intimidating, discriminating against her, and damaging her reputation. It has been a violation and an infringement upon women.

It is not of right, sane and/or of sound mind, that a man’s blood can show up every abnormality, illness, diseases, viruses (Ebola and Aids), cancer, diabetes and heart disease, even what vitamins are lacking in the body, including heavy metals, the list is endless and they cross the threshold of the sperm and cause mutations, and this blood either good or bad is needed for an erection, but doctors, scientists, men and society totally believe that a man’s sperm is absolutely spotless, faultless and without blame.

An obese man who has an enormous and grotesque stomach and sick with many complications associated with his obesity, has a beer and has a smoke, but still firmly believes that his sperm is healthy, brand new, squeaky-clean, fresh, faultless and spotless….and sees no reason not to impregnate his wife.

Overweight men have lower testosterone levels, the fat eats up their testosterone and libido. Obesity will deplete the testosterone in his body and he probably is incapable of having an erection and his sick, putrid stomach and bowel contents resulting in putrid blood, will cross the threshold of his sperm, but he still believes that his sperm is healthy, brand new, squeaky-clean, fresh and without defects.

How can men from the beginning of time, with no moral development, no conscience development, no intellectual development, no emotional development, no sexual development and no spiritual development, believe that their sperm is squeaky-clean. No development of the mind, body and soul (you cannot have one without having the other), results in aging, declining, deteriorating, worsening and weakening sperm. Increased sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage, it’s self-inflicted.

The biggest lie and fabrication in history that started an evolution, instigated by patriarchal establishments, the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic faith, patriarchal rule, male-dominated institutions and male-dominated science has backfired upon them all.

Metaphysically: It’s karmic, when an organization and/or an individual immorally set-up another individual, they instantly set-up themselves in equal measure, to backfire upon themselves. Betrayal begets betrayal. The fact that these male-dominated establishments injected fear into society and nations at the time, is in itself, evil. Implanting fear is evil.

The patriarchal institutions falsely assuming that women were the ‘weaker sex’ (based on her physical strength alone), they falsely assumed that women’s eggs, her uterus, her sexuality, her femininity, her feminine energy, her mind, her body and her soul would be considerable weaker to men, justifying that the woman would be answerable to take the blame, shame, guilt and responsibility.

These so-called religious and patriarchal establishments with their undeveloped knowledge, their lack of understanding and with no scientific evidence, no metaphysical wisdom, no philosophical wisdom (wisdom comes from above and they did not have wisdom from above), no psychological knowledge and no knowledge of the feminine principle (evidence that they did not have knowledge of the Divine principle), unknowingly instilled and enforced a deep depth of courage, fortitude and stalwartness into the women.

When an individual is continually backed into a corner, is under pressure and the entire responsibility placed upon her shoulders, subjected to perpetual intimidation, emotional, psychological and social abuse, her inner strength, her confidence, her self-esteem, her back-bone and her courage builds up.

Her inner strength, confidence, self-esteem, back-bone, courage, fortitude and stalwartness lead to her character building and her moral fiber. Unknowingly, these qualities were to evolve much quicker in the woman than in the men who put her down.

Women have borne the blame for centuries, but the women had the inner strength and courage to take up the challenge, imprinting into their genetic coding, an abundance of courage.

Courage to take the blame and shame, courage to take all care, concern and responsibility and the courage to undergo childbirth and many times.

Mental effort and courage is required to master fear. The women had the courage to confront everything thrown at them. Courage to adapt to it, the courage to handle it, the courage to commit to it and they had the courage to take the leadership.

The women have done this valiantly and with graciousness.

This incredible courage, unknowingly placed upon the women, was by men who lacked courage, they lacked care, lacked concern and they lacked responsibility. With the men not having the courage to take, or share the blame, shame, guilt and responsibility, the men became weaker (they lacked chivalry and they lacked character), likewise, weaker sperm…. “where the mind goes the body will follow.”

Leaving the women to become significantly stronger of the two. Mentally stronger, emotionally stronger, sexually stronger and spiritually stronger. Unified with, stronger of the brain/mind, body and soul.

Courage is genetic and cowardice is genetic. An individual is born with a genetic coding of courage and can cope in a crisis and/or an individual is born with a genetic coding of cowardice and cannot cope in a crisis.

An individual is born with a genetic coding in a belief in God and/or an individual is not born with a genetic coding in a belief in God. Atheists will claim that they don’t believe in God, this is due, to not being born with a genetic coding in a belief in God.

Then again, an individual can be born with spiritual genes, but are switched off and lay dormant. A crisis, accident, illness, heart attack, trauma or sudden shock to the psyche, could act as a trigger and switch the inactive spiritual genes back on and turn the individual’s life around to a higher consciousness.

Switched off, inactive and dormant spiritual genes will most certainly have a ripple effect on a man’s choices, attitude, self-control, behavior and lack of spiritual consciousness.

Teaching Institutions and society across the world have to take a new direction, to change that antiquated lying and sham evolution and establish a revised and correct evolution to change health for the betterment of humankind….based on the truth.

The Universe never lies, unified with, the Universe has no sense of humor.

“God’s wrath will come down on those who suppress righteousness.” Deceptively, the story of Adam, along with, an entire patriarchal rule, have been misleading the entire population for centuries and have been suppressing righteousness, unashamedly on women.

Suppressing righteousness will reincarnate, its cyclic, materializing into a suppressing genetic karma and into a suppressing genetic destiny.

Man has misused the energy entrusted to him and his level of consciousness will destroy himself.

The time is here for the emancipation of women.

Footnote: There are two types of people’s choices and thinking. A spiritual logic, a spiritual reasoning, a spiritual perception and a spiritual reality, and/or a criminal logic, a criminal reasoning, a criminal perception and a criminal reality. However, a “zombie apocalypse” has now entered the mainstream, with a zombie logic, zombie reasoning, a zombie perception and a zombie reality.

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