Sperm Cell

The sex of the offspring is determined by the sperm cell. Therefore, the male determines the gender/sex of the child, then equally, he will determine the gender/sexual characteristics, the gender/sexual personality, the gender/sexual brain/mind and the gender/sexual health occurrences, validating that the male will also impregnate that gender’s brain/mind with the behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases, abnormalities and poorer health associated to that gender.

In each sperm cell is the genetic coding of the sex and all its gender characteristics and personality, jointly with, the positive and negative mental, intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual gene associated to that gender. Take into account that the male takes ownership of this.

A gene is a hereditary unit and the genes hold everything together. The genes are the life-force.

The sperm cell does not just produce the deciding factor of the genitalia, it just does not end with the gender’s genitalia, it stands to reason, that the father’s sperm puts in all the building blocks and foundation for the entire gender’s identity and make-up. This also includes the behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases, abnormalities and poorer health associated to each gender.

The father’s sperm, as well as determining the gender/sex, also determines the thinking, thethought process of the brain/mind of that gender. This validates and authenticates, that the male metes out the behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases and abnormalities, jointly with, sexual encumbrances, onto his offspring, via his splitting, dividing, aging (the paternal age effect), declining, deteriorating, worsening, weakening and increasingly mutating sperm.

As the father determines the gender/sexuality of the child, the sexual identity, the sexual structure and expression, sexual characteristics, the sexual personality of the mind, body and soul, and dispenses all the gender’s individual distinguishing and distinctive elements, then equally, he metes out, the positive and/or the negative reactions and sensations associated with the intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual and behavioral issues of that gender.

Emotions are stored anywhere in the body.

The gender’s genre of facial characteristics, hair, eye and skin color, appearance, features, size, height, traits, background, culture, intellect, or lack of it, music and artistic flair and sporting abilities are all known to be inherited, then this validates, that the gender type will also inherit from the father, behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases, abnormalities and sexual encumbrances.

Genes mean that you are born in your tradition. The genes contain all the truths and values (or lack of values), of that civilization, culture and tradition.

Why have science and medicine overlooked it, or assumed it to be so different, that a male determines the gender/sex of the child, then a line is drawn in the sand, and nothing else enters from the male. They have assumed that a male only determines the gender genitalia of the child and nothing else.

Science and medicine have had it wrong for centuries, this wrongness being Inquisition mentality and the mind-set of the Inquisition. There is no line drawn in the sand, the father’s sperm is the building block and carrier, not only determining the sex of the child, but he also determines all the gender’s choices, thinking, attitudes, culture, beliefs, habits and behavior (whether good or bad), genetically coded from himself (in conjunction with, sperm and genetic mutations and DNA damage), and from his own karma and from his ancestor’s karma, known as, ancestral karma. No one is above karma. It’s predetermined and preordained and reincarnates as a genetic karma and a genetic destiny for future generations.

As karma is a revolving law, then “the sins of the fathers” is a revolving law.

Years ago men divorced their wives if the wife produced the wrong gender of a child, as men falsely believed that women determined the sex of the child, until science discovered that men determine the gender of the child, so men gave up on that blame. Women had to take the blame, shame, guilt and responsibility if they gave birth to the wrong gender. King Henry’s wives were beheaded.

How science and medicine thought that the male only produced the sexual genitalia of the child and nothing else, is too inane to consider. Or, has the big picture been hidden away and kept under wraps and/or is this another cover-up?

But there it stopped, with society still falsely assuming, that the men only passed on the genitalia/sex of the child. A strong line was drawn in the sand and there it stopped, and it was still perceived (a myth), that women still had to take the blame, shame, guilt and responsibility if the child was born with behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases, abnormalities and ill-health.

If a boy is growing tall, the talk will be, “he is tall like his father.” This talk has gone on for centuries, evidence to the fact, that if the father is tall, thus the son is growing tall like his father, therefore he is taking after his father, “he is tall like his father.” If this be the case, and he is growing tall like his father, then if he has taken his height from his father, likewise, he has taken ‘everything’ else from his father, good and bad. He is a replica of his father.

You have looked at the true picture, now you have the capability to see that all heavy metal poisons, together with, insidious materials that are listed in “Heavy Metals Cross the Threshold of the Sperm,” are entirely capable of crossing the threshold of the sperm causing mutations resulting in autism, behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases, abnormalities and ill-health.

As it has been identified that the male is undoubtedly capable of carrying the mutations, it defies the entire patriarchal establishment, male-dominated institutions, male-dominated societies, patriarchal social structures and male-dominated science, unified with, the worst lie and prejudice in history and history’s myth and falsehood.

Science still has a line drawn in the sand and they still have not associated that all the components and factors are related, merged and fused together. There is no separation between the gender/sexuality and all the behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases and abnormalities that are associated with each gender.

Additionally, women are predominantly the more spiritual and their maternal insight, intuitive wisdom, motherly instincts, caring and compassion, added with, the blame and shame directed at them from society, have made them to be more diligently “on watch” and “on guard” from having babies past the age of forty. However and on the other hand, men have never been “on watch” or “on guard” and have never been selective as to where they placed their penis or sperm and they go well over the age of forty to father children. So it stands to reason, that autism, schizophrenia, cancer and all sickening and aging diseases have continued to multiply in their masses and the entire population is getting sicker.

Validation: If women are “on guard” and don’t produce babies after the age of forty, but men continue to father offspring, and the entire population is getting sicker and in poorer health, then it’s the sperm, aging sperm, (the paternal age effect), simultaneously with, heavy metal poisons and all insidious diseases crossing over the threshold of the sperm, producing increased sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage. Causing the decline in the health of the entire population.

Philosophically, there is no way that God, or Mother Nature (the feminine side of God), would put a baby where it’s unsafe. For men and the mass consciousness of the entire world to wrongly assume that the female would have unsafe eggs, mutating eggs, eggs replicating on a daily basis, splitting and dividing eggs, or weakening eggs, and producing faulty breast milk, and not having the intelligence to think it through, but to transcend God and Mother Nature’s wisdom and all-knowing, and wrongly assume that the Universe, God and Mother Nature are stupid to create a baby where it would be subjected to splitting, dividing, deteriorating, worsening and weakening eggs, then it’s too nonsensical to contemplate.

Of right, sound and of sane mind, the Universe, God and Mother Nature with wisdom and all-knowing, provided the woman to be the bearer of children, with breast milk that has to be faultless and perfect to pass this ideal breast milk onto her baby. The woman having the stronger bloodline and the Universe, God and Mother Nature trusting her the most.

Undeniably, if a woman is to nurse (breastfeed) the baby with a life-force and all life-giving nutrients then of course she has the stronger bloodline and God trusting her the most.

Philosophically, as Mother Nature is the feminine side of God, and it was preordained and predetermined that God (one-hundred percent pure intelligence), and Mother Nature wanted the feminine principle and the feminine energy to be the procreator of children, then clearly, the Divine Creator (the Divine Principle), had to appoint the woman to be more wholesome than the man.

Interestingly, the Inquisition was a religious order, along with, male-dominated institutions, patriarchal establishments and male-dominated science and society, all laying the blame on women, it’s equivalent to laying the blame, shame, guilt and responsibility on God, the Divine Creator and Mother Nature (the feminine side of God). With the Inquisition and the mass consciousness all proclaiming, “God has put a baby in harm’s way.” Not only has the Inquisition, society and the mass consciousness betrayed women, they have betrayed God and the Universe. Give God and Mother Nature some credit.

Physics and spirituality has always been unified, it was man who separated it.

Genetic karma combines and unites physics, genes, karma, spirituality and God, “all is one.”

Science, physics, genetics, energy, karma, Universal Law, spirituality and God are, “all is one,” whole, absolute and complete.

There is no separation, and that science and physics, unified with, Universal Law, spirituality and God comply with holism and Metaphysical Law, “all is one.”

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