Metaphysically: “Sex is life. In sex is found the mystery of man’s life. It may be considered as the guardian of the vital flame in the body. When it is exhausted, death
takes place.”

There is so much scientific evidence that shows unquestionably, that ‘everything’ crosses the threshold of the sperm, together with, older fathers pass on more mutations to their offspring.

It has been discovered that ninety-seven percent of all mutations passed onto children come from older fathers.

Men believe that because they ‘make-up’ new sperm on a daily basis that it’s brand new, squeaky-clean and without blemish, however, it’s the total opposite, it’s because sperm keeps replicating, that errors occur during replication.

Sperm keeps aging, worsening, weakening, deteriorating, splitting and dividing with increased mutated sperm. Men’s testosterone levels fall steadily as he ages, however, there is a quicker decline in his testosterone levels due to environmental consequences.

Evidence shows that exposure to a well-known fungicide causes mutations in sperm genes, and is linked to human prostate cancer. Resulting in long-term damage and sperm and genetic mutations being transmitted into future generations.

When a male is infertile it has been identified that the DNA is damaged.

A boy/man can be allergic to his own semen. Vaccines, medication side-effects, steroids and long-term side-effects of stimulants, can cause mutations. Steroids can cause problems and illnesses of the brain.

Measles and chronic infections can cause mutations.

High fevers, a recent virus, can still have a lasting effect even months later on a man’s sperm. Sperm concentration can decrease by up to thirty-five percent following a fever.

Drugs that men take during cancer treatment and implants can prevent a man from fathering children.

Sexually transmitted diseases arise from sexually transmitted exposure. Sexually transmitted diseases will cross the threshold of the sperm and mutate the sperm.

A married man, having had a holiday in Thailand and being exposed to sexual exploits with younger girls in Thailand, arrived back to his married life and through this sexual encounter in Thailand passed on the Aids virus onto his wife. This proves that this man carried the Aids virus in his sperm, maybe for many months, before passing the Aids virus onto his wife.

Medical researchers are discovering that the Herpes Virus, could cause brain cells in the baby to be switched off….“cell death.”   Conceivably, the Herpes Virus could cause brain cells in the baby to be switched off “cell death,” resulting in Cerebral Palsy.

Laptops, called “sperm killers” are an exposure issue and are an occupational hazard with exposure to temperature, radiation, electrical waves and vibration etcetera. There is a direct correlation between laptop use and increased scrotum temperature. There is a well-documented harmful effect on spermatogenesis, the process of male gamete formation.

It is shown that men who consume large amounts of alcohol have increased levels of sperm defects. Alcohol, drug and smoking addictions are inherited from the father.

Smoking dope will cause mutations.

Ingredients like artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners and chemicals in food and drink can cause memory loss.

Diet and nutrition have a huge impact on sperm abnormalities. Sugar turns to acid in the system and cancer thrives in an acid body. Cancer will not survive in an alkaline body, however, too much alkalosis in the body can cause mental illness.

An acid or an alkaline system will have a bearing on the sperm.

Eating disorders, diabetes and migraines are genetic. It has been discovered that the male persons who had the original mutation that instigated migraines have been identified. Possibly due to a food and/or environmental footprint.

Women have to keep in mind, that just as a sustenance can pass through into her placenta, then equally, other new and obtained substances, outside influences, including cells, can cross back through her placenta and back into her own body, it’s two-way traffic, it goes both ways, it’s a two-way street. Any new and outside negative substances (from the male), and new cells impregnated into her body (plus male cells from her sons), that cross the placenta back into her own body, can linger in her body for decades. Through no fault of her own, the mother is being set-up to take on ill-health and mental issues that normally she might never have got, never initiated, and were never in her genetic coding.

Consider, when the cells from her son cross her placenta back into her body and the mother takes on the cells from her own son, then clearly, she can get breast cancer from her own son.

Men can pass on breast cancer to their daughters. The older a father is, the more likely his daughter will develop breast cancer.

Personality disorders are hereditary, narcissistic personality disorder is more prevalent in males than in females.

Gambling genes and aggressive genes are inherited from the father.

Adultery and domestic violence are inherited from the father. Likened to having an aggressive gene, equally there is a kindness gene.

Due to a lot of domestic violence and aggression upon women in the New Zealand Maori culture and population, researchers have discovered an aggressive gene in the men, and have called this “the warrior gene.”

It’s interesting, where one man, a homosexual (he kept things quiet by being a husband and father), along with, another male relation of the same family line, who in its second generation became a homosexual.

Obesity tends to run in families and science shows that obesity is linked to genetic causes. The latest is that science has discovered that when boys/men smoke it can cause obesity in children. When a boy starts smoking from the age of twelve-years onwards, this is genetically coded and manifests as obesity in his offspring.

Providing a statistic, a conservative one, it shows that a twenty-year old father can transmit, approximately twenty-five mutations to his offspring, a thirty-six year old father can transmit fifty-seven mutations, a forty-year old father can transmit, approximately sixty-five mutations, and a fifty-year old father can transmit eighty-five mutations to his offspring, mutations increasing as the father ages. This statistic is based on that for each additional year in the father’s age, children gained two new mutations in their DNA.

I’m of the opinion that the mutations will be much higher in each of the above age categories, and it will be well over two new mutations for each additional year, due to the fact, that there is a decline in men’s health, drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse, poor nutrition, poor quality food, bad lifestyle choices, the paternal age effect, telomere shortening, errors occurring during replication and declining testosterone with age. Additionally, a huge increase in technological and communication appliances, materials that are a health hazard, chemical toxicity, radiation, arsenic, mercury and lead poisonings, and an enormous increase in the exposure of environmental heavy metals. It’s totally out of control and these heavy metal internal and external environments would have a greater impact on a man’s health, resulting in a massive increase of mutations that a father transmits to his offspring. It’s self-inflicted.

A young man does not reach full maturity in terms of brain development until he reaches twenty-five to thirty-years of age.

It becomes visible that men have passed their peak in their twenties. At the age of twenty-years he has twenty-five mutations in his sperm and the sperm is already on the decline, added with, his DHEA levels peak in their twenties, then are on the decline.

As men grow older they have fewer stem cells.

ED, erection dysfunction, is a flow-on effect from his behavior, being self-inflicted. In the consultation of ED problems, it is known that a man’s sperm, penis, erection, libido and sexual intimacy, are a dipstick of his health.

Modern science and medical researchers have made the effort to determine why the prevalence of autism and schizophrenia has increased so substantially in the last several years.

Their reason for the increase of adverse health-effects are, increasing life expectancy, delayed parenthood, increasing rates of divorce and the American male is more likely to have two, three and more marriages and continues to father children late into his forties, fifties and sixties. Resulting in, giving rise to the increase in autism by as much as thirty-fold since the 1970’s and out of control.

Autism and schizophrenia is now rife and at epidemic proportions in America and on the rise around the world, as the number of first-time fathers over forty is growing and men are typically having children late in life. It is now recognized that compared with younger dads, older fathers pass on significantly more random genetic mutations onto their offspring that increase the risk of autism, schizophrenia, behavioral problems, mental illness, psychiatric problems, chronic diseases, abnormalities and poorer population health.

A report has just come out of England that there is epidemic proportions of autism in England. Autism is rampant and uncontrollable. The mere fact that there is a pandemic of autism in England and in the USA, together with, schizophrenia and mental disorders, undoubtedly proves that scientists and doctors have had it wrong and have been looking in the wrong direction.

Widespread and rampant heavy metals and toxins in our society has an accumulative effect of a mutational time-bomb.

Society has been very focused on the age of the mother and a conventional and unquestioning belief has been to blame development disorders of children on the age of mothers, but it’s the age of fathers that now appears to be the culprit.

Furthermore, the collective mind of the multitude resides in sex, their sexual desire, lust and sexual gratification and men in particular believe that an individual wouldn’t survive into old age if these desires, excitements, sexual attraction and needs faded.

Women automatically know to stop having children around the age of forty-years and have always done so, and they have always had the self-discipline to put themselves on watch. However, men have not had the self-discipline to stop fathering children at forty-years of age. Although it shows that a man should be fathering children at an earlier age because of his sperm, however, his brain is not ready for it, as his brain/mind has not fully developed and he is not emotionally well-adjusted.

His brain/mind will be fully developed at forty-years of age to father children, however, his sperm has already aged, declined, deteriorated, worsened and weakened, with increased mutated sperm, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

Man’s reasoning self-destructive force and self-destructive energy that will cross the threshold of his sperm and produce genetic mutations.

Men/society assume that men’s sperm remains healthy, young, brand new, all pure, clean and without blemish. How can this be so when men’s testosterone levels fall steadily as he ages and there is a quicker decline in his testosterone levels due to environmental consequences. It’s clearly visible for doctors/scientists and the mass consciousness to observe that the steady fall in testosterone levels as he ages, is the paternal age effect.

I can list another fifty conditions and diseases correlated with paternal age, the male biological clock – the paternal age effect.

This validates that men have male menopause. All the above undesirable side-effects, errors that occur during replication, steadily declining testosterone levels, fewer stem cells as men get older, telomere shortening and the paternal age effect. Together with, the declining, aging, splitting and dividing, deteriorating, worsening, weakening and increasingly mutating sperm, genetic mutations, DNA damage, unbalanced diets, ED and exposure to heavy metal poisoning would generate male menopause. All deficiencies would generate male menopause and its symptoms. Male menopause is genetic.

Overall ill-health, stress disorders and heavy metal environmental exposures etcetera, will fray, deteriorate and shorten the telomere length, accelerating the aging process, categorically, this is the paternal age effect.

Heavy metals toxicity and poisons will damage his longevity genes, so if these chemicals can damage his longevity genes, equally, they will mutate and damage his sperm.

Defects of the mind, will occur as defects of the sperm (evidence).

The brain/mind is a supercomputer, a central processing unit, a microprocessor, a workstation, a memory chip, and what a man feeds into his brain/mind supercomputer databank, will be programmed onto his genetic coding (genetic blueprint), and transpires in his offspring and from upstream there will flow extremely serious problems in life, a severity of undesirable side-effects, genetic sperm mutations, karmic drawbacks and most importantly, serious outcomes on his and his offspring’s spiritual development. “What a man sows, so shall he reap.”

It’s the essence of a person’s mind that imprints. Genes deserve a great deal of respect.

Society has stigmatized women and a woman is rudely called a “cougar” if she is seen with men younger than herself. Because of all the myth, prejudice and lies about women, a manipulated society have deemed it right for a man to be with younger women, but it is not accepted and so will exclude, defame, shame and blame a woman, if she wants to marry a younger man. Categorically, it’s the biggest myth, falsehood, con and sham in history and this antiquated mind-set and mentality, together with, misogyny, has continued from medieval inquisitions, patriarchal rule and male-dominated science. This mind-set has never evolved.

Unquestionably, science, medicine, men and the entire mass consciousness, with their heads in the sand (with the mind-set of the Inquisition), do not look and observe nature. It’s staring you right in the face.

It’s the very being and existence of Mother Nature (the feminine side of God), that the older male is always pushed out by the younger, healthier, fitter and stronger male and the younger male mates with the females of all ages. The younger, healthier, fitter and stronger male does not discriminate between the ages of the females. Only the younger, healthier, fitter and stronger male mates so as to preside over a healthier and stronger line/genetic coding to exist throughout the pride/herd/flock/pack.

The younger, healthier, fitter and stronger male will mate with the older females and the matriarch, for the preservation, well-being and the safeguarding of the pride/herd/flock/pack, cultivating what is in the best interest of the species genetic coding and the survival of the species.

Throughout nature, the older male is either killed off, or ostracized out of the group. The young buck arrives and challenges the older male, wounds him, kills him, or the older male leaves so the younger, healthier, fitter and stronger male can mate with the females.

Nature knows, animals know, that the younger male has priority, he is the superior of the two, his younger and healthier sperm and he mates and passes his lineage and bloodline onto his offspring for the survival of the species. No older male mates in nature. Even the females knows to mate with the younger, the fitter of the two males, for the preservation of the species. She is mainly the oldest of the two, having mated before and has had many offspring (with no defects), with the younger males and not the older male.

This preservation of the species is coded within the psyche and the female always has excellent and perfect eggs, eggs that do not split and divide, eggs that do not age and decline, eggs that do not have errors in replication and eggs that do not increasingly mutate. Age is of no criteria to the younger male, and his genetically coded psyche knows this and he mates with her. Undeniably, the female has the stronger bloodline.

It’s very rare to see defects in animals. Animals are never seen to have any mental and physical abnormalities. Is this because there is no genetic sperm mutations and no genetic abnormalities and no thought process of sin? Nature is perfect, is this because the male and female of the species are very selective and mindful and only breed within their own species, and only mate with younger, healthier, fitter and stronger sperm to cultivate a healthy lineage, and for the survival of the fittest?

Indisputably, this scientific evidence (with nature as validation since time began), has to get out into the public arena that women, free of all intimidation and slander, rightfully should marry and mate with younger men, for her own self-preservation, her health and the health of her offspring and for the betterment of humanity as a whole and the mass consciousness.

Men have come down throughout the centuries with sperm that keeps replicating, errors occurring during replication, with sperm that ages, splits, divides, declines, deteriorates, worsens and weakens, and increasingly mutates. Genetic sperm mutations and genetic abnormalities and genetically coding, all sin, ill-health and behavioral problems to reincarnate effortlessly, instigating a mass decline in the health of the entire population.

It was rightly proclaimed, “the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children.”

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