Systemic Alkalosis & Systemic Acidosis

Artificial people consume artificial medications and eat artificial foods. A real person eats real foods and real nutrients from nature.

Is too much Alkaline Water making the public sicker?

Is Alkaline Water an excessive intake of alkaline substances?

Alkalosis refers to, symptomatic of an unusually high alkalinity of the blood and other body tissues.

Systemic Alkalosis:  Systemic means, affecting the entire system, affecting the body as a whole, that is, relating to an entire system, spread throughout.

Metabolic Alkalosis:  Alkalosis resulting from hydrogen-ion loss, or an excessive intake of alkaline substances.  Medicine refers to alkalosis as Metabolic Alkalosis, that is, a cluster of conditions.

I will refer to the subject as Systemic Alkalosis, that is, alkaline water affecting the body as a whole, relating to the entire system.

I am not entering into the nutritional differences between acid and alkaline foods and nutrition, as that is another subject and too long to write here.

Companies (added with, multi-marketing companies), are promoting, marketing and advertising their Alkaline Water with considerable gusto.   Because of their own agenda, it’s in their best interest to list the side-effects of too much acid within the body, however, with Failure to Disclose and Misrepresentation, they do not list the appalling side-effects of Systemic Alkalosis.

Have these companies done their research on this?  Are they aware that an excessive intake of alkaline within the body and its tissues can result in side-effects, something that their customers would know nothing about and they have not advised their customers of this.

Systemic Acidosis is relative to sodium in the bloodstream, and Systemic Alkalosis is relative to potassium in the bloodstream.

“A Metaphysical Journey – Discovery of the Holy Grail.”  Author: Ros De Avene – 2009.

“Systemic Alkalosis symptoms:  Symptoms of an alkaline system are no appetite, low body heat, low blood pressure, low fat burn, low libido, low elimination, low attention level, low communication, loss of energy around people, long-winded and alkalosis is prone to kidney stones.

“Other alkalosis symptoms are being ‘tight-arsed,’ having no memory and no intuition.

“Eighty percent of alkaline people have mental disease.

“I know of a wife-battering husband who was very alkaline and his alkalosis led to his mental disease and mental disorders.  Akin to his mental disease is genetic.

“Alkalosis symptom – mental disease.  Being a wife-batterer with mental disease, he has a low emotional intelligence IQ.  Added with, his mental disease gives him a high criminal intelligence IQ.

“Alkalosis symptom – mental disease.  Con-science – conscience, knowing the difference between right and wrong, morals and integrity.  An alkaline man with mental disease, a low emotional intelligence IQ and a high criminal intelligence IQ, will not have a conscience.  The individual does not know the difference between right and wrong.

“Alkalosis symptom – low libido.  A man with no libido, frigid and impotent.  Who sexually abstains and is sexually abstinent for years.  A man who withdraws from sex, intimacy, affection and with no comforting or touching.  This also relates with another symptom of being ‘tight-arsed.’

“Alkalosis symptoms display a lack of brain speed to process and recall.  Originating from the parietal lobe, a lack of brain energy from the frontal lobe, a lack of sensory input from the temporal lobe and a lack of visual perception from the occipital lobe.

“Intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence, have all originated from the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe of the brain.

“Alkalosis, unified with, mental disease, greatly affects, intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual intelligence.

“Symptoms such as Senile Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, dozens of manic and chronic symptoms and various illnesses, can be attributed to an imbalance in a neurotransmitter that applies to a certain lobe of the brain.

“Systemic Alkalosis symptom – no intuition.  I find this particularly clarifying and interesting.  It gives validation and authenticity to my writing, that if people with alkalosis have no intuition, then they have no spiritual genes or genes with a belief in God.  Why! – because intuition is a natural gift connected to spirituality.  Intuition is a God given gift, it is genuine wisdom.  Intuition, is spiritual intelligence and spiritual integrity.  Intuition is spiritual guidance.  The individual with spiritual intuition, will have a spiritual reality, spiritual reasoning, spiritual logic and a spiritual perception.  The individual with intuition, has spiritual genes.”

“Eighty percent of alkaline people have mental disease.” Another alternative, one to be seriously researched, is that possibly many mental diseases and mental disorders could be due to people with an excessive intake of alkaline substances.  That is, those with mental diseases and mental disorders could possibly be the result of an abnormally high alkalinity of the blood and other tissues.

Imbalance in the pH, abnormally high alkalinity of the blood and other tissues would clearly manifest in imbalances within the mind-brain relationship.

In sight of this, the symptoms of Senile Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and dozens of manic and chronic symptoms could possibly be attributed to alkalosis, an imbalance of the pH, an excessive intake of alkaline within the body, and from an abnormally high alkalinity of the blood and other tissues.

Dementia a mental disorder is rapidly on the increase, feasibly, dementia patients could be suffering with Systemic Alkalosis disorder.  Could then dementia be misdiagnosed, mistreated and wrongly medicated?

I’m intrigued that one particular American company, inaccurately advertise that their Alkaline Water eradicates heavy metals out of the body.  Radiation is also a heavy metal and radiation is not mentioned in their advertising.

Alkaline Water does not eradicate heavy metals out of the body.  Neither does Alkaline Water detoxify the body.

Slow digestion is related to an alkaline stomach.  This indicates, that Alkaline Water would result in slow digestion.  Acid is essentially required within the stomach to digest the food, by putting Alkaline water into the stomach, it will dilute and delete the essential acid.  It would be catastrophic to drink Alkaline Water with food/meals.

The pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. Naught (0), through to seven (7), is regarded as acidity, and from seven (7), through to fourteen (14), is regarded as alkalinity (alkaline).  A pH of seven (7), is regarded as neutral.

Alkaline Water has a pH greater than seven (7).  This is not a balance, one has to retain a balance.   What happens when an individual consumes an excessive intake of Alkaline Water on a daily basis, along with, consuming alkaline food?  Clearly, could lead to a Systemic Alkalosis disorder.

Categorically and most importantly, you must test for yourself of your own pH balance within your body before you get brain-washed and embark on purchasing any Alkaline Water, its Ionizers/products and large gallon bottles of Alkaline Water.   You can attain a urine and blood test for heavy metals to check-out the heavy metals within your own body.  Most importantly, you can purchase your own heavy metal test kit.

The Alkaline Water companies promoting their Alkaline Water do not tell you this, but it’s very easy for you to purchase the pH Test Strips from your pharmacy drugstore, and test your own urine.  Firstly, by testing your urine, the pH Test Strip will display your acid and alkaline balance within your own body.

A particular company inaccurately makes a statement that the Alkaline Water removes heavy metals.  If you want to find out if these companies marketing their Alkaline Water are genuine or not, then you can attend to your own test for heavy metals to see for yourself the heavy metals within your body.

  1. Undertake a heavy metals test….I recommend an Australian Made personal heavy metal test kit. Obtain your own test results.
  2. Purchase some Alkaline Water and take the Alkaline Water for six weeks to six months ….The time will depend on what specific heavy metals you have in your body and what is the quantity of the specific heavy metals you have in your body.
  3. After this length of time (it also depends on the quantity of specific heavy metals within your body), then do another heavy metals test to see if these second test results are still the same as the first and original test results. Namely, are these specific heavy metals and their quantity still retained in the body, and/or has there been a decrease or an increase in the quantity of a specific heavy metal, and/or has a specific heavy metal been eradicated.
  4. This will test out their claims. Focuses on you as well.
  5. These separate tests demonstrate that the pH and heavy metals are two separate issues.

Interestingly, this particular company knows so much about water, that they also market their Alkaline Water with large gallon plastic water bottles.  Large plastic bottles to put water into a plastic bottle!  This immediately shows their inaccuracy. The first thing, an intelligent and knowledgeable person does who is astute about water, is to toss out all plastic water bottles and only drink from a glass bottle.  They put Alkaline Water into a plastic bottle! This oversight of theirs displays their inaccuracy.

Evidence: I personally suffered with arsenic poisoning from May 2013 through to May 2014.  It’s only because I have been in the health-care industry that I knew the symptoms of arsenic poisoning and I picked-up on them, so this enabled me to get on top of eradicating the poisonous heavy metal very quickly.   During that entire time, I tested my urine the first thing in the morning with the pH Test Strips to monitor the acid and alkaline within my body. I was very interested to research if the pH within my body altered, to see if it went more acid and/or if it went more alkaline with the load of heavy metal of arsenic.

I can honestly say, that the heavy metal of arsenic made no significant change to my pH, and with data as proof, my pH remained steady from between six (6.00), and/or around the six mark to seven (7.00).  My pH never escalated to high in acid and never escalated to a high in alkaline, and yes, I was drinking filtered water (never Alkaline Water), from a correct water filtering system.  Then again, I do retain and stick to a self-disciplined nutritional protocol.

I still retain a maintenance checking my urine on a weekly basis, always have done and will continue to do so.   I eradicated the heavy metal and poisonous arsenic out of my body (and I had double the amount of arsenic within my body),  not with any Alkaline Water and no Alkaline Water detoxified my body of arsenic.  That is, no Alkaline Water changed my pH (my pH remained balanced and neutral), and no Alkaline Water eradicated the heavy metals out of my mind and body, and no Alkaline Water was used to detoxify.

I believed at that time and still do, that an excessive intake of Alkaline Water combined with the poisoning of arsenic, possibly could have added more problems with the symptoms of Systemic Alkalosis.

Even so, I did write the nutritional protocol for the removal of arsenic poisoning from the body.  I applied this committed protocol to myself.  This nutritional protocol is very safe and natural and very easy to follow. No Alkaline Water is used in this nutritional protocol.

If you require your own personal heavy metal test kit, then please inquire in CONTACT.



The pituitary and vagus nerve can also determine an alkaline state, resulting in obesity, low libido, fatigue, no appetite and indigestion, bloating and burping.

Alkalosis – No drive.

Via the meridian pathways, kidney problems will show-up warning signs on the feet.

Via the meridian pathways, liver problems will show-up warning signs on the feet.

A meridian is a pathway of energy.

Aldosterone (not diet), determines the alkaline and acid balance in the bloodstream.  Aldosterone raises blood pressure and lowers potassium.

Alkalosis inhibits the digestive tract. If you wake up fatigued and have a loss of appetite in the morning, it is alkalosis. If you are tired, fatigued and lack of appetite in the morning, it’s possible due to a lack of acid within the stomach and related to a mineral sleeper.

I’m totally amazed and horrified how restaurants always place a jug of water on the table and all the patrons swallow it down whilst eating.  For starters, meat and water are suicidal together. Protein cannot break down in water. The water dilutes the crucial acids needed in the stomach, followed with, the meat cannot digest.  Millions of people have repeating acid and reflux in their chest and throat.  This is due to insufficient acid in the stomach.  Then idiotically they go off to the chemist and purchase an anti-acid supplement to dilute the acid reflux/repeating in their stomach, chest and throat, diluting and deleting this essential acid even more.  The stomach acid is put there for an important reason.  An acid stomach, quick digestion.

I guarantee, those with bowel cancer (encompassing putrefied meat), have a long history of drinking water (sodas, milk, coffees etc.), with their meals.  Added with, gratified themselves with anti-acids diluting and deleting the essential acids out of their stomach, resulting in bowel cancer.

You end up borrowing protein from the joints to help digest the protein in the stomach.  It takes protein from its own storage within the body.  And you wonder why you have pains in the joints, arthritis and other symptoms.

If you eat correctly, you will digest correctly.

A loss of libido (and a lack of producing spermatozoa), is a result from indigestion due to protein not synchronizing within the stomach.  Causing a loss of muscle integrity and resulting in obesity around the stomach and buttock area.   This equates with a loss of testosterone.

It’s incorrect to consume carbohydrates with protein.

Smelly stools is undigested protein.

As well as stomach indigestion, there is also colon indigestion.  Colon indigestion materializing into colon cancer.

The colon is a natural acid area, however, when the colon is not functioning correctly, alkaline sets up in the colon.

There is no such thing as a health food, all foods become biocidic when used all the time.

Running can be counter-productive.  Long distance running produces alkalosis and produces a wasted upper body.

A sodium/potassium balance is set in the kidneys.  Kidneys will determine the acid and alkaline balance.

Acid – Short-breathed.              Alkaline – Long-winded.

Acid – High in sodium.              Alkaline – High in potassium.

Acid – Excitation – Relative to sodium.    Alkaline – Sedation – Relative to potassium.

Acid – Motivation.                     Alkaline – Patience.

If a speaker/teacher is speaking in front of a group, the more acid the speaker, the more empathic he/she will be, and the more alkaline the speaker, the more, he/she uses, “what if?”

Acid: Sodium held in the bloodstream, then consume potassium, that is, the opposite.

Alkalosis: Consume sodium, meat and amino acids (at this stage do not consume a vegetarian diet, raw fruits and vegetables).  Sodium being the opposite.

Systemic Acidosis Symptoms:  Extroverted, gains energy from people, hypertension, dry mouth syndrome, breast tenderness, kidneys under stress, low water utilization of water, constipation, back pain (absent of water),  along with, excessive sodium in the bloodstream.  They need potassium, however, they cannot use it – does not utilize.  A remedial diet can poison them.  The more acid you are the less you can utilize potassium. This individual abandons diet disciplines because the body becomes toxic, that is, diet disciplines drop when the body becomes toxic.

An acidic person who does vigorous exercising, consume vitamin supplements and uses herb teas is fine when you are well, but if you are not well, then it does not work.

Most acid types dehydrate quicker.

Coming down from acid, you will eat less.

Systemic Alkalosis Symptoms:  Introverted, losses energy with people, no integrity in the stomach wall, hates fat (cannot utilize fat), loves herb teas, vegetarian, fatigue and loss of energy. Herb teas and a vegetarian diet will accelerate this condition.  Systemic alkalosis from excess potassium in the bloodstream, need sodium.

Retain potassium and you cannot utilize sodium.

‘Personality,’ sodium and potassium ratio in the bloodstream.

‘Personality,’ bio-chemical type.

A bio-chemical type dies of certain diseases.

Relationship:  An acid person is attracted to an alkaline body.  The alkaline will bring down the acid and then both turn alkaline.  To have more correlation of your energy with your partner, then one has to change the acid and alkaline balance.

Spring makes the body more alkaline, and Autumn (Fall), less alkaline.

Exercising outside is acid.  Exercising inside is alkaline.  Walking is alkaline and running is acid.  A walk-run exercise, known as Interval Training, is in your best interest, a balance of both acid and alkaline, slow, fast, slow, fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I can assure you that having too much acid within the body is also very detrimental and not in your best interest. Cancer prevails within an acid body, but then, cancer does not withstand an alkaline body.

Furthermore, once sugar enters into the body it turns to acid.

Likewise, an individual is supposed to retain eighty percent of alkaline within the body and retain only twenty percent of acid.

“Eighty percent of alkaline people have mental disease.”  This is very interesting, as an individual is supposed to retain eighty percent of alkaline within the body and retain only twenty percent of acid.

Society and the mass consciousness are unhesitatingly manipulated to accept acid foods – junk foods and sugar, acid music, acid thoughts, acid choices, acid beliefs, acid behavior, acid talk, acid minds, acid bodies and acid souls.

Society and the mass consciousness are brain-washed, manipulated and with social engineering to readily accept and within their rights, to relish in an acid energy, acid alcohols, acid drugs and consume acid heavy metals and poisons.  Society eagerly accepts acid vaccinations, acid medication and drugs and acid treatments (chemotherapy).

Consuming this acidity results in an acid intelligence, acid emotions, acid physically, acid sexuality, and acid spirituality, namely, lacking (deactivated), in spiritual intelligence and lacking in spiritual integrity. Unified with, the other vital intelligences being deactivated, damaged and out of balance.

Materializing in an acid reality, an acid reasoning, an acid logic, and an acid perception.  Creating a very acid backlash and boomerang karma.

Furthermore, resulting in a toxic mind, a toxic body, and a toxic soul.

What about acidic sperm?  Clearly, any acidity would cross the threshold of the sperm, explicitly, acidic sperm. Acids cross the threshold of the sperm during its replication.  Conceivably, this acidity will cause mutations, namely, sperm mutations, DNA damage, together with, acidity affecting the genes.

Sperm is supposedly alkaline, namely, sperm is intended to survive within an alkaline environment, and the woman’s reproductive environment is understood to survive within an acid environment. However, as men’s lifestyle is more acid, consuming a larger acid diet, acid nutrition, acid smoking (drugs, ice and tobacco), acid drinks (beer and alcohol), acid poisons and acid heavy metals, added with, acid choices and acid thoughts, then I can only venture to believe that taken together, the entire heavy acids (acidity), on a daily basis and during the sperm’s replication would upset the alkaline sperm, upset its alkaline environment, and upset the balance.

It is known that acidity can damage the DNA, likewise, any acidity will damage the sperm.

In conjunction, the more acidic, a quicker ejaculation and the more alkaline, a decline in ejaculations.  Undoubtedly, acidosis does affect the penis and alkalosis symptoms of no ejaculations and a low libido, frigid and impotent does affect the penis.

This is unified with, an acid stomach, quick digestion, and an alkaline stomach, slow digestion.

This indicates that a man who has an escalation of sodium within his body will have a quicker ejaculation, and a man who has an escalation of potassium within his body will have a decrease of ejaculations in his body.

As alkalosis (alkalinity), crosses the threshold of the sperm during its replication, giving rise to sperm mutations, genetic mutations and alkalosis affecting the genes, then  undoubtedly, acidity would equally cross the threshold of the sperm during its replication, giving rise to sperm mutations, genetic mutations and acidity affecting the genes.

Alkaline Water would cross the threshold of the sperm.  This Alkaline Water that is being promoted, could result in a loss of ejaculations.

Substantiation: The scrotums function is to protect the testicles from temperature changes and to keep them at a temperature slightly cooler than the rest of the body.  The cooler temperature of the scrotum is important for the production of viable sperm.  If temperature and temperature changes are important for viable sperm, clearly, temperature and temperature changes affect the testicles, that is, any changes (during the sperm’s replication), cross the threshold of the sperm.  Validation, if temperature and temperature changes greatly affect the functioning of the testicles and the production of viable sperm, then equally, a heavy metal environment and an excessive acid and/or alkaline environment would greatly affect the functioning of the testicles and the production of viable sperm.

Furthermore, temperature and temperature changes incorrectly influence the testicles and the production of sperm, will possibly result in sperm mutations.

Cite – “A loss of libido (and a lack of producing spermatozoa), is a result from indigestion due to protein not synchronizing within the stomach.”  Along these lines, the male left testis – protein goes to the left testis to make up spermatozoa. Seeing that, protein cannot break down in water and meat cannot digest, so protein is borrowed from the joints, then to the same degree it’s possible that protein has been borrowed from the left testis, depleting the spermatozoa of protein and resulting in sperm mutations.

Metaphysical:  How a man goes out into the world will depend on the energy in a man’s left testis.

Separately, any excessive intake of acid and/or alkaline and/or an imbalance would affect the length of the telomeres.  Any telomere loss causes aging.

The pituitary gland will age with judgment.

The Autonomic Nervous System – Sympathetic and Parasympathetic. By means of an acid and alkaline ratio being maintained in the bloodstream, the Autonomic Nervous System will be in balance.

Balance the two forces of alkaline and acid.

If you keep an acid/alkaline balance the more things work out for you.  If out of balance, things usually don’t work out for you.

However, the most important aspect of balance is discipline, self-discipline.

Validation: Imbalance is judging or completely disregarding a situation.  Judgment, along with disregarding a situation, equals indifference.  Those that judge and disregard a situation, namely, they are indifferent, confirms that they have imbalance, that they are out of balance. This confirms, Article, “The Science of Mind & The Five Intelligences,” that a particular indifferent Asian race and culture, have imbalance, namely, this particular Asian nation is out of balance.  Self-discipline is required to purify all thoughts to eradicate the imbalance, added with, a purification of their thought process to eradicate the imbalance.

As there is acid and alkaline, positive and negative, there is balance and imbalance.

We no longer eat food in a seasonal way. Think about this, it is more beneficial for your body to eat food in a seasonal way, the psyche knows this. Within a specific season, eat foods that are grown accordingly to that specific season.  Nature eats food in a seasonal way, nature does not eat autumn food in the spring and does not eat summer food in the winter etc. Society does not eat food in a seasonal way, because of society’s self-indulgence.

It is totally incorrect when a person says that lemons are acidic within the body.  Lemon  converts to alkaline once it reaches the stomach.  This is why a freshly squeezed lemon juice is good for you first thing in the morning.

A good cancer prevention is to maintain an acid/alkaline balance within the body.

The body never lies.

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