The Science of Mind & The Five Intelligences

Mental illness is a major cause of disability in the US.  Thirty million people visit physicians and two million spend time in hospitals every year because of mental illness and other mental disorders and it is on the increase.

Over eighteen million Americans are depressed and the number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by 20% each year. Some types of depression run in families occurring generation after generation.

More than half of all genes are active in the brain than in any other organ.

“The US Government dispensed the anti-malaria drug Mefloquine to soldiers which has been linked to depression, homicide, suicide, schizophrenia, psychosis and anxiety.”    (Citation:  Ethan A. Huff – 3.9.2015).

Of concern is the side-effects and the consequences of the poison Mefloquine crossing the threshold of the sperm, resulting in sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

Undoubtedly, with its side-effects of mental illness, it’s obvious that the deadly poison Mefloquine (Lariam), weakens the mind, weakens the brain, weakens his character, weakens his choices, weakens his emotions, weakens his feelings, weakens his courage and all weakening to disempower him.

This poison Mefloquine has weakened the mind, weakened the body and weakened the soul.   The fact (cite), “four  soldiers stationed at this base reportedly murdered their wives while taking the drug, and two of them ended up committing suicide,” added with, “the 2002 murder-suicide tragedy at Fort Bragg,” that this drug Mefloquine had weakened their conscience and consciousness.

Mefloquine weakens any intellectual development, weakens any moral development, weakens any emotional development and weakens any conscience and consciousness development, weakening any spiritual development, leaving the man feeling totally useless and powerless.

Isn’t it strange that soldiers are given a poison, a drug to weaken the soldier, when a soldier needs all his courage and fortitude, along with, intellectual, emotional and physical strength for his endurance and survival to get him through combat?

Mefloquine totally removes what is left of the man’s five intelligences with its five integrities. The Mefloquine drug erases the man’s intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual intelligence.  Together with, Mefloquine erases the man’s intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual integrity.

(I refer to both men and women in the Armed Forces, but I use the word ‘his’).

Metaphysically, Prostate Cancer is due to the weakening in a man’s masculinity.  I’m certain that no research has ever been done to see if men from the Armed Forces have suffered, suffering, and/or died from Prostate Cancer, due to being exposed to this anti-malaria Mefloquine drug.

Melfloquine has weakened the man’s masculinity and undoubtedly, weakened his testosterone, weakened his sperm (mutations), and weakened his prostate.

I guarantee that the anti-malaria drug Mefloquine that has totally weakened the man’s mind, weakened his brain, weakened his character, weakened his body, weakened his soul, thereby weakening his masculinity, if not has already committed suicide from being exposed to the poison Mefloquine, but will result in Prostate Cancer.

Every poison and every heavy metal has its own cancer.  This poison Mefloquine will eventually result in Prostate Cancer.  Yes, by weakening the mind/brain it could also result in a brain cancer.  However, as a poison that causes weakening, it weakens the masculinity, resulting in weakening the prostate, hence materializing into Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer is rapidly increasing.

Interestingly, it’s the bowels where the vast majority of body toxins reside (Bowel Cancer), equally, the poison Mefloquine can possibly reside in both the bowels and in the prostate.

Metaphysically, why is Prostate Cancer affiliated with the underlying cause of the weakening of a man’s libido, manhood and masculinity?

Greed (of all kinds), the ego, conceit, lying (men have become developed liars), bearing grudges, revenge, hate, spite, anger, aggression, cowardice, loathing, manipulating, selfishness, narcissistic, punishment, unforgiving, jealousy, detesting, mean, uncompassionate, apathy, adultery, betrayal, justifying evilness, anti-Christian (genetic), rage, resentment, irritation, denial, dismissive, saving face, violence, wrath, bullying and power and control, together with, not keeping one’s word and hundreds of these negative emotions and all are based on fear, are weakened choices, weakened emotions and weakened feelings.  Weakened feelings, that is, a man must feel very weak (powerless), very immature and very insecure (all insecurity weakens the mind and body), to behavior this way. This behavior does not maketh a man, it weakens him.  Having no respect for himself and/or others weakens a man. It’s a deterioration of the mind, body and the soul.  Not only does he degrade others, he degrades himself.

This above behavior is schizophrenic and psychopathic behavior.

Interestingly, the poison drug Mefloquine, is linked to schizophrenia.  Schizophrenics withdraw all love to punish.  Proof – cite – as above, “four soldiers stationed at this base reportedly murdered their wives……” (they withdrew all love to punish).

Having no empathy is a psychopathic characteristic. Psychopaths do not have a conscience. Schizophrenics do not dream, because of mind breakdowns within the subconscious.

The above negative behavior is a festering thought process. Negative feelings fester. All festering materializes within the system.

All sinful choices and sinful thoughts weaken the mind, the body and the soul.  And yes, they instigate the winding-up and the shortening of the telomere length and instigate the aging process.

“Thought creates form.”

All negative choices disempower a man, they do not empower him.  As well as trying to disempower others, he disempowers himself and he disempowers his own mind/brain that was given to him, therefore, he disempowers his masculinity, he disempowers his manhood and he disempowers his prostate (what matters most to him), materializing into Prostate Cancer.   Man constantly meets himself.

This negative behavior weakens the masculinity, because men were not designed to behavior this way.   It is all self-inflicted, they weaken their mind (where the mind goes the body will follow), it’s their own choice, they choose to be like this, the men choose to have no self-control and have no self-discipline over their choices and emotions.

All thoughts, words and speech resonate and vibrate. That is, thoughts, words and speech resound, reverberate and ring. Eliciting, immature lobes of the brain with mental disturbances who do not take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

The men permit these negative and unhealthy emotions to have control over them.  The men permit sinful thoughts to have control over them.   Therefore, these weakening choices and weakening thoughts weakens their masculinity, weakens the prostate and strikes the men where it matters most to them, it affects them in the prostate, as this is how a man defines himself.

Weakening of the mind/brain, weakening of the body (weakening of the consciousness), weakening of the masculinity, weakening of the testosterone and weakening of the prostate, is called the Paternal Age Effect.  (And men don’t think that they have male menopause!).

The men cannot master their negative emotions.  The men cannot master their internal environment, so go about mastering their external environment, resulting in the infringement upon others.

By infringing upon others, he has actually brought about the negative and unhealthy infringement upon himself.

It’s all karmic.  No man is above karma.  “What a man sows, so shall he reap.”

The man has three environments that he has to contend with. It’s a triple-whammy effect, the domino principle. Two external environments and an internal environment.  He has been subjected to the exposure of an external environment of a poison, a heavy metal that has totally weakened him in the mind, body and soul and undoubtedly weakened him by the poison crossing the threshold of his sperm (that would materialize into sperm mutations and possibly Prostate Cancer), and he has also been self-inflicted to an internal environment that has weakened him, that is, he weakened himself.  So now it’s vital that he becomes empowered and by doing this, he has to rid himself of the external poison and heavy metal that weakened him and he has to empower himself by kicking his psyche into the correct gear and rid himself of the internal weakening environment that he helped create.

The individual has to adopt positive thinking, quality thinking, selective thinking and lateral thinking.  That is, a quality thought process and a very selective thought process.

Referring to the Bible that people do not want to hear…..but it’s the best book written on metaphysics, psychology and health…..a prayer states, “do not lead me into temptation but deliver me from evil…”  Do not be led into temptation by anybody, or by yourself.  Temptation is self-inflicted.  Temptation is a very unhealthy choice and a very unhealthy lifestyle.  All of those above negative choices, negative emotions and negative behavior, is because the man (the individual), has been tempted into it and it will rebound back onto the individual. Being led into temptation is breaching covenants materializing into disempowerment.

Temptation is a trap, a prop and a crutch, and is disempowering.  Temptation is a weakness and it weakens the mind.

Temptation is a very sick and negative energy. Society, the mass media and Big-Pharma and their associates want to lead you into temptation so as to disempower you to control you. And you wonder why the earth and the population is becoming fouler and sicker with a sick karmic and negative energy.

Metaphysically, that is, the science of the mind, together with, the good psychology of, “do not lead me into temptation…”  that is, being selective, will most certainly prevent the telomeres from shortening and help to prevent the aging process.   

Managing the healing of the mind/brain and body through the eradication of the poison and heavy metal Mefloquine, similarly, there is a healing of the mind/brain with a particular nutritional protocol that applies to a particular lobe of the brain.

This nutritional technology will also ascertain to Autism.

It’s interesting that the poison and heavy metal Mefloquine, equally with other poisons and heavy metals, including negative thinking, instigate the most negative of outcomes in the mind/brain and do not instigate positive outcomes.  The negative side-effects in the mind/brain override any positive side-effects in the mind/brain.  This got me to thinking.

It overrides and deactivates intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual intelligence and overrides and deactivates intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual integrity.  Likewise overriding and deactivating lateral thinking.  Resulting in, a low emotional intelligence IQ, no moral compass and no compassion.  So what do these individual’s have left to think with?

Namely, it activates and turns up the volume to intensify the negative, erasing and turning down the volume to everything of the positive, thereby, damaging brain cells and pathways and leaving no preservation of the brain cells

The four lobes of the brain, the Frontal Lobe, the Parietal Lobe, the Temporal Lobe and the Occipital Lobe and their pathways have to be functioning correctly. There has to be a balance. Each particular lobe has particular neurotransmitters and brain wave patterns that govern specific traits.

Symptoms and consequences are due to an imbalance in the brain neurotransmitter that applies to a particular lobe of the brain.  If the conditions are mild, which they are not, one can rectify the imbalance via the removal of the poison and heavy metals, combined with, important nutritional information that pertains to that particular lobe.  Treating the cause and symptoms of these mental disorders before resorting to medication and its increase of chemicals and heavy metals.

I was of the opinion that Mefloquine and its other insidious heavy metal counterparts mutated/altered and/or deactivated only one of the lobes, however, I am now of the opinion that simultaneously and collectively four of the lobes will be subjected to mutations/changes and/or deactivation. Though the symptoms in one lobe  will be more distinctive and pronounced than in another lobe.

Through the Law of Design, we were designed to be born with the five intelligences and their five integrities, all to serve for good intent and for good purpose. All to serve with good intent and purpose to bring about balance and level-headedness. That is, the five intelligences of the intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual, however, throughout the entire population, the mass consciousness have turned down, turned off, tuned down (left with no volume and no intensity), and/or they have been genetically deactivated.   Largely, the deactivation of these intelligences is premeditated and has been willfully, knowingly and intentionally deactivated and self-inflicted. Consequently, as not to evolve, not to become enlightened, not to become aware and not to become empowered and being easier to justify evilness.  If any of these intelligences have been switched off, then there will be no intellectual, no emotional, no moral, no sexual, no spiritual and no conscience and no consciousness development, an individual will become inane and moronic.   Most importantly, switching off and tuning down the volume on each or all of the intelligences, that is, not being properly wired, there will be no balance and no level-headedness in the mind/brain.  Equally, this applies to the five integrities of the mind/brain.

These intelligences are thought processes and all have a serious impact on the healing process, the aging process and the shortening of the telomeres.

Television, movies, the Internet, the mass media and marketing with all its communication systems and equivalents, big-business, pre-school, primary and high schools, teaching institutions, Colleges, Universities, the education department, politicians, Governments, Big-Pharma and their counterparts Accessory to the Fact, the legal/juridical system and Court Houses, premeditated, willfully and intentionally deactivating an individual’s sexual and spiritual intelligence and the individual’s sexual and spiritual integrity.  They conspire to turn off the individual’s sexual and spiritual intelligence, turned off permanently as it’s an inconvenience to their agenda, it’s intimating for them, they themselves having no sexual and/or spiritual intelligence and integrity.  With premeditated social engineering, God was deliberately eradicated from high schools, Colleges, teaching institutions (Jesus is eradicated at Christmas from pre-schools), by politicians, Governments and the legal/juridical system, manipulating and eradicating an individual’s sexual and spiritual intelligence, leaving society with no moral conscience, no moral reasoning and with no moral compass.  Most importantly and criminally, eradicating people’s choices.

These establishments went against the Law of Design.

Politicians and society abolished the unification of State and Religious Affairs, abolishing religion out of State and Federal Politics and Parliament.  Religion having no part whatsoever in State & Federal Affairs. Abolished by atheists who were not genetically coded with a belief in God.   An atheist is a person who is not born with a genetic coding in a belief in God.  A belief in God is genetic.

So these men (and women), infringed upon others, laying down the abolishment of religion out of State & Federal Affairs because they themselves had no brains, no intellectual intelligence, no wisdom, no insight, no enlightenment and no awareness to understand that their spiritual intelligence (this gene being deactivated before birth), that they had reincarnated with no spiritual intelligence. They had no sexual intelligence and no spiritual intelligence, resulting in a lack of emotional and intellectual intelligence. Categorically, manipulating and social engineering a society to deactivate any sexual and spiritual intelligence (and no sexual and no spiritual integrity), establishing a society with no moral compass, no conscience development and no consciousness development. Resulting in an indifferent society.  Society readily goes along with this indifference and accepts going against the Law of Design.

“Christianity is the root of all democracy, the highest fact in the rights of man.”

Look around you, I am right, countries that do not have a democracy, do not have the roots of Christianity….however, we now have countries (America and others) who have abolished religion, Christianity and spirituality out of State and Federal Affairs and its resulting in crime, anarchy, immorality and desecrating democracy.

All of these above establishments, men, women and society who severely lack sexual and spiritual intelligence, lack sexual and spiritual integrity, resulting in a severe lack of emotional and intellectual intelligence, materializing into sheer ignorance,  have created and established another RACE and CULTURE of people, a new RACE, a different RACE,  an ignorant RACE,  an unversed RACE, and a RACE of indifference.  A RACE with a different connectivity within the brain. A RACE not properly wired within the brain.  A RACE that is of no benefit to humanity.  Creating and establishing a RACE and a CULTURE of people criminally bent on crime, anarchy, immorality, indifference and a desecrated democracy.  Furthermore, the mass consciousness around the world do not have the realization and brains to see that ‘society’ have brought into being, a new evolution, another RACE.

Once  these people undermine your choices, minimize your choices, and take away your choices, they have got you. It’s control.  What these so-called ‘society’ organizations are doing is Criminal Negligence, originating from a criminal intelligence, a criminal logic, a criminal reasoning, a criminal perception and a criminal reality, along with, criminal emotions (low emotional intelligence IQ)….Haven’t you noticed how they can always justify evilness…..This is psychopathic thinking.

Eradicating sexual and spiritual intelligence (and integrity), to materialize in reducing the emotional and reducing the intellectual resulting in no development of the emotional and the intellectual. The intellectual, the emotional and the physical intelligences will not develop accurately if it’s seriously lacking in the sexual and spiritual intelligences.

Subsequently, creating a criminal intelligence with criminal logic, criminal reasoning, a criminal perception and a criminal reality.  Added with, criminal emotions (low emotional intelligence IQ), judges criminally (psychopathically), and a criminal personality.  A man with criminal emotions, criminal judgment and a criminal personality has no empathy.  To be precise, the male individual has not been born with a spiritual genetic coding, these specific spiritual genes being previously deactivated via his parents and/or ancestors, and/or peers and society.

By the means of the Law of Design, an individual is designed for all good intent and purpose, to be born with spiritual logic, spiritual reasoning, a spiritual perception and a spiritual reality, being born of sane and of right and of sound mind.

If not, there are extreme and dire consequences in the mind/brain, resulting in psychiatric disorders and mental illnesses, depression, homicide, suicide, violence, attachments to alcohol and drugs and medications and an unhealthy lifestyle.  It is a self-inflicted punishment.

These self-inflicted mental inhibitions and deterioration, added with, heavy metals in our supplements, medications, vaccinations, food and water supply, and heavy metals in our external environment, give rise to insanity in an individual’s mind/brain. A magnitude of brain inflictions, akin to one in three people with schizophrenia, since more genes express themselves in the brain.

A total eradication of these two specific intelligences, leaves a total imbalance within the mind/brain, resulting in not being properly connected within the brain.  Once these two intelligences of the mind/brain are switched off and deactivated, two vital parts are missing, resulting in an imbalance and absent from the individual’s lifestyle and choices (choices have a ripple effect and dire consequences).  It becomes genetically encoded, a genetic blueprint and reincarnates into future offspring, creating an insane, sick, corrupted and moronic population.

On a whole, women retain the design and intended sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence, manifesting in women having more emotional intelligence than men, consequently, creating a distinctive intellectual intelligence and instigating a balance. Gaining in spiritual insight, intuition, sensitivity, awareness and a higher understanding.

On the other hand, men self-inflict the eradication of the design (intention and purpose), of sexual and spiritual intelligence as it’s an inconvenience for them, as a result, them lacking in emotional intelligence (more men in jail, on drugs and alcohol than women), and lacking in accurate intellectual intelligence, to be deficient in the balance, and substituting to live off the ego.

Women don’t seem to be engaged in turning off, or tuning down or deactivating their sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence, hence keeping these specific genes active in the mind/brain.  However, men prefer to turn off, tune down and deactivate sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence, deactivating specific intelligences and specific genes, reincarnating this into their offspring.

The five intelligences fused with their five integrities, “all is one.”

The five intelligences within the mind/brain were designed to serve for all intent and purpose (the Law of Design), all created for the very best interest of the individual.  But ‘man’ believing himself to be superior to God, superior to a Superior Intelligence, superior to Nature, superior to science and superior to the Universe, decided to eradicate the best part of them.

Validation:  This gives validation and credence to my article, “Heavy Metals Cross the Threshold of the Sperm.”  Considering that women retain the design and intended sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence, hence creating a higher understanding, this gives rise to an acceptable behavior both in the emotional and in the intellectual. By not deactivating these specific five intelligences and by not deactivating these specific five genes, then women could not have been the cause and the problem of the entire world’s malaise, debility and bad health. Validating that the Inquisition and male-dominated establishments and male-dominated science created the biggest lie, ploy, hoodwink and sham in history.  “The biggest lie in history that created an evolution.”

On average, women live longer than men.  This is due to women retaining their design and intended sexual and spiritual intelligence and keeping these specific genes active, resulting in protecting the telomeres from shortening,  helping to reverse the aging process and significantly restore immune system functioning.   I guarantee, that by women retaining their design and intended sexual and spiritual intelligence and maintaining these specific intelligences and these specific genes active, that it preserves their longevity and healthy aging.

I guarantee, that with the activation of the five specific intelligences in the mind/brain, fused with, the activation of their five integrities, materializing in the activation of their specific genes, that this would solve and eradicate the world population’s mental and body disorders and illnesses.

You may ask, why is it so vitally important to retain this sexual and spiritual intelligence, that leads to a higher emotional intelligence IQ, and to manifest into a higher intellectual intelligence.  For the reason that, if you do not maintain these designed and intended qualities (the Law of Design), preserving your conscience and consciousness, you sink very low into decadence, base and into indifference.

No conscience = no moral reasoning = indifference = sadism.

You become sexually indifferent, spiritually indifferent, emotionally indifferent, physically indifferent and intellectually indifferent.  Indifferent to yourself, indifferent to your choices, attitudes and behavior and indifferent to your lifestyle. Indifferent to yours and others well-being and indifferent to your own mind, body and soul, added with, indifferent to others and indifferent to humanity.

“Indifference cripples the rights of all people, let indifference be cast out.”

There is a particular extremely large Asian nation, with its people multiplying and spreading  themselves like wildfire throughout the entire world, infringing on other’s people’s race and culture.  From the beginning of time, this nation has had a peasantry genetic coding. A peasantry genetic coding from the beginning of time, combined with a genetic coding of communism and a genetic coding of the anti-Christ. Consequently, having no sexual and no spiritual intelligence and no sexual and no spiritual integrity, resulting in a low emotional intelligence IQ, to materialize into a serious lack of a conscience and a serious lack of consciousness. As though, they have never evolved and have never been enlightened.

“How you are genetically coded, so you will materialize.”

I notice how some men are prone to marrying these particular Asian women.   Men not being very selective where they put their penis and sperm, and not having the intelligence to question the woman’s genetic coding (they don’t look at the roots under the tree), and “men only see with their eyes so are easily fooled,”  are intent on marrying these Asian women who have a genetic coding of peasantry since the beginning of time, a genetic coding of communism and a genetic coding of the anti-Christ, along with, the man’s own sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage and reincarnate this into their future offspring. Anyone with any intelligence can see where this indifferent and decadent genetic coding is heading, but society readily accepts it.

It is especially worse when the man is much older than his female Asian counterpart, as is usually the case.  The man usually into his fifties, sixties and seventies, with the Paternal Age Effect, and with more mutations in his sperm as he ages, creates a mutational time-bomb.

Proof:  This very large peasantry background Asian country had no roots in Christianity, hence no democracy, resulting in Communism, materializing into seriously lacking in emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual intelligence (and no emotional, no sexual and no spiritual integrity), that has resulted into an emotional indifference, a sexual indifference and a spiritual indifference, that merges with having no conscience, no morals and no moral reasoning.  From the beginning of time, the population of this particular extremely large Asian nation has been genetically programmed with no moral reasoning, resulting in an indifference to all countries, an indifference to people and with their total indifference to humanity.

When people’s brains are not properly connected they become genetically programmed with indifference, that is, with no sexual intelligence and no spiritual intelligence, leading to a low emotional intelligence IQ (no moral development, no conscience development and no consciousness development), they become the takers of the world.  In their indifference to others, they take, take and take, they are the takers and not the givers.   They move across the world with indifference taking everything in their path.

This particular large Asian nation hide their mentally disabled children pretending that these children with mental disorders do not exist so this country can save face.  Saving face to this Asian government is far more important than providing healthcare and facilities for their Autistic children.  This applies particularly to Autistic children. This shows the Asian Government’s indifference to their own Autistic children. They do not even keep statistics, so as to save face.  However, other countries get access to statistics on this race’s Autistic children.  Millions of these Asian children are Autistic and it’s increasing and out of control like elsewhere around the world.   However, this Asian Government provides no healthcare or facilities for their Autistic children.

Do Immigration Departments around the world keep a check on how many of these Autistic Asian children are entering a country Under False Pretense (with no health checks and/or Immigration Departments being lied to), so Asian parents (takers) can get access into another country to take advantage of the healthcare system and its Autistic facilities in another country?  This creates a healthcare crisis in other countries that is out of control.  This indifferent Asian Government should pick up the tab for its own Autistic children.

Proof:  If a country’s people have their belief, faith, trust, choice and thought process in the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake (‘reptiles of the mind’), horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, then categorically and undoubtedly, they have no spiritual intelligence and no spiritual integrity, with a serious lack of conscience and consciousness, resulting in a low emotional intelligence IQ, added with, their total indifference to Christian-like behavior (anti-Christ), and their indifference to the Law of Design. With no roots established in democracy, materializing into having no enlightenment and not having evolved.

Proof:  This also fuses with their belief, faith, trust and choice and thought process in an energy approach to materialistic objects within a room by the way of a mirror, a door placement, a window, a plant and furniture, believing that these objects that lack substance, will change the energy of a room to be of benefit to the person who resides there.   A belief in objects that depreciate overnight.  A belief in depreciating objects of low esteem, base and that have no integrity and no morals.  A depreciating materialistic object does not change the energy within a room.  Believing in all outer manifestations and outer energies, and not looking to within themselves first.  They cannot look to within themselves, because of their lack of spiritual intelligence, spiritual integrity, lack of morals, lack of conscience and lack of a Higher Consciousness, that resulted in a low emotional intelligence IQ.  These specific intelligences and specific genes that were deactivated from birth, combined with, peasantry, communism, and anti-Christ genetic programming was inherited from their ancestors/parents.

Proof: Passed down and reincarnated from their ancestor’s (peasantry background), specific genes have being switched off and disabled, along with, specific intelligences have been switched off and disabled, causing specific lobes and neurotransmitters of the mind/brain to be seriously hampered. Categorically, these can all be regarded as mutations of the mind/brain (not properly wired), and “where the mind goes the body will follow,” resulting in numerous and various mutations throughout their system.

Butchering these genes and butchering certain intelligences the individual does not know the difference between right and wrong, so becomes indifferent to what is right.  Indifference is fused with immorality, negative thinking, resulting in having no quality thinking, and looking for an alternative to have a belief in something, they reside and resort to ‘reptiles of the mind.’  Enjoying and celebrating, the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and the pig.

Remember, you cannot reason with a person who is indifferent.  They have an indifferent logic, an indifferent reasoning, an indifferent perspective, and reside in an indifferent reality.

“More criminal the mind, more criminal the logic.”

Indifference and a serious lack of quality thinking has a serious impact on the healing process, the aging process and the shortening of the telomeres.

Spiritual genes, spiritual intelligence and spiritual integrity being switched off and deactivated (and/or not being born with spiritual genes), and seriously hampering other intelligences, causing a lack of quality thinking, added with, lobes and neurotransmitters of the brain being hampered, materializes into having no spiritual intelligence, no spiritual logic, no spiritual reasoning, no spiritual perception and no spiritual reality, thus of no spiritual character, transpiring as an indifferent thought process.

Schizophrenics and psychopaths have this indifference.  “The offender never pardons.”

There is a kindness gene, and if the mind/brain is not properly wired, then this gene will have been deactivated.  A genetic programming of indifference, a genetic programming of no conscience, no morals, no moral reasoning and of no Higher Consciousness, an incorrect thought process, no quality thinking, together with, a genetic blueprint of peasantry, communism and a genetic blueprint of the anti-Christ, will most certainly have deactivated and erased this kindness gene.

Proof: Having deactivated the spiritual gene, spiritual intelligence and spiritual integrity, then undoubtedly, the kindness genes would have been deactivated and erased.

Validation: Not being properly wired within the mind/brain will materialize into deactivating and erasing the kindness gene.  Not being properly wired with the kindness gene will most certainly have an impact on the healing process, the aging process and the shortening of the telomeres.

There is no way in this world, it’s not at all possible, when a nation or individuals have reincarnated with specific intelligences, specific genes and specific lobes being hampered and deactivated, with its serious consequences and its flow-on-effect and a mind/brain of indifference, can this nation or any individual be a lateral thinker.

Categorically, they cannot think laterally in the intellectual, cannot think laterally in the emotional, cannot think laterally in the physical, cannot think laterally in the sexual and cannot think laterally in the spiritual.   Why, one factual reason being, because if they had lateral thinking, then they wouldn’t be indifferent.   Clearly, lateral thinking, another vital intelligence that has been totally switched off and erased within their mind/brain.   Deactivating the majority of these specific intelligences with their specific integrities within the mind/brain (mind breakdown), creates a moron.

Robots are indifferent, together with, schizophrenics and psychopaths are indifferent, added with, robots are not lateral thinkers and schizophrenics and psychopaths are not lateral thinkers, in collaboration with, robots have no moral reasoning and schizophrenics and psychopaths have no moral reasoning.  Robots have no kindness gene and schizophrenics and psychopaths due to not being properly wired have no kindness gene.

Furthermore, and most importantly, this particular large Asian nation, along with, the vast majority of individuals, cannot think laterally in their logic, cannot think laterally in their reasoning, cannot think laterally in their perception and cannot think laterally within their reality.

Proof:  Additionally, millions of children and adults from this particular large communist Asian nation have been willfully, knowingly and intentionally genetically programmed by their government to have their thinking done for them.  Communism does not permit their people to be free thinkers. They were kept down as peasantry thinkers to stop them from becoming free thinkers. Deliberately, specific genes have been switched off and deactivated, resulting in specific intelligences and their matching specific integrities to be deactivated, materializing in hampering and deactivating specific lobes of the brain that will materialize into (mutations), an indifference in all aspects of their mind, body and soul and this negative indifference has its karmic flow-on-effect to others.  Only under certain circumstances, will these millions of individuals whose mind/brain has not evolved into a free thinker, will they evolve into lateral thinking.  Combined with their genetically coded peasantry thinking, a preordained anti-Christ genetic coding,  reincarnated from their ancestors/parents, merged with, to be genetically coded with communist thinking, has materialized into a disruption (mind breakdown), of the vital positive and creative connections of the mind/brain to prevent their brain evolving as a free thinker.  A nation and its people not to be free thinkers, have not evolved.

What is more, other nations world-wide accept this within their society (because they do not know any different), and by accepting it, they become it, and their society will mirror it …. “birds of a feather flock together.”

The vast mass consciousness accepts this behavior, and if an individual (a realist, and/or a patriot, and/or an individual who refuses to accept this evil behavior), dares to speak up against this social engineering, sickness and  indifference spreading like wildfire and totally out of control around the world, the individual is intimidated, their choices are taken away from them and is called a ‘racist’ by the totally moronic sheep and unenlightened.  Usually, by the ‘thought police’ and the sympathizers who have no facts. Sympathizers are the very worst, as they base all their decisions on their emotions which is not very intelligent….These sympathizers believing themselves to be highly moral, however, their behavior is not moral, their behavior is in fact morally indignant….and a person who carries on being morally indignant (in their ignorance), cannot be moral and indignant all at the same time….they are mostly ninety-nine percent indignant, which in itself, is having no spiritual intelligence and no spiritual integrity and of a low emotional intelligence IQ.  The morally indignant are in no position to sit in judgment of anybody.

Proof:  I could write another Paper on the Metaphysical aspect of the animals that this particular Asian nation choose, believe and have faith and trust in. The rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.  Notice that in their belief thought process, they do not include any birds, and birds, doves and eagles are used throughout the Bible.  Snakes are known to slither their bellies along the ground, likened to numerous humans who grovel and slither their bodies along the ground and known as, “a snake in the grass.”   Humans are known to be rats, “rats leave the sinking ship first,” likewise with, “eating like a pig.” The Bible abhors reptiles.  America uses the eagle as their symbol, why, because the eagle is a bird that is known to fly above the storm.  We all know what a white dove is the symbol of.  Birds are very highly regarded in the Bible and have been used as positive and spiritual symbols since the beginning of time. Proving that this particular Asian nation is the anti-Christ with a serious lack of spiritual genes, spiritual intelligence, spiritual integrity and with no spiritual thought process. Thus, their serious lack of lateral thinking and their indifference transpiring as no conscience, no morals, no moral reasoning, and of no Higher Consciousness.

It is said, “one has to understand metaphysics first, before one can understand religion.”

Proof: “How a man thinketh so he is,” if an individual thinketh in the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig….then so he/she reflects it, “thought creates form.” This thought process originating from not being properly connected within the brain, would not give this particular and large Asian nation and its people, a healthy foundation, a healthy disposition, a healthy constitution, or to be a person of substance.

This particular extremely large Asian nation with these specific genetic traits and characteristics manifesting into being the “takers” and not the “givers,” would most certainly conceive specific illnesses, mental disorders, diseases, afflictions, disabilities, conditions and ill-health that would match-up, mirror, pattern, equate and reflect (as well as cyclic), their thought form and characteristics. Known as personality types. Likened to “takers” being predisposed to having Candida.  I guarantee that these particular Asian women, genetically indifferent, which is a negative mind/brain disorder, fused with, the eradication of the kindness gene, to be more inclined to Candida.  “Where the mind goes the body will follow.”

I would not like any judge or jury to sit in judgment of me.  A judge and jury lacking in the five intelligences….a judge and jury lacking in the intellectual, the emotional, the physical, the sexual and in the spiritual intelligences, together with, seriously lacking in the five integrities, have no right whatsoever to sit in judgment of anybody.

We have no leaders in this world today who have the five intelligences combined with their five integrities.  Since today’s leaders of countries are seriously lacking in the five intelligences, combined with, the lacking of the five integrities, they are not capable of leading anybody.

I will finish off writing this Paper, however, I will say that possibly these specific intelligences can be reactivated (although it takes two generations to change an individual’s genetic coding, and only if the individual chooses this to happen), and this reactivation also applies to Autism that can be successfully treated.  I am aware of the specific imbalances that apply to a certain lobe of the brain (and certainly the mind), and its specific nutritional protocol that relates to its primary neurotransmitter, together with, eradicating the heavy metals that came via the father’s sperm.   Its nutritional protocol will not be explained here.

Through this same method, I could cure a generation of wife-batterers, those men who inflict domestic violence upon their wives and partners.

Interestingly, on the very day of the completion of the writing on this Paper, a television news report came through from this particular extremely large Asian nation, reporting on a new “Butler School” that has been established to teach these people the art of etiquette and to be employed as a butler for those who are now becoming affluent in this Asian country, as having a butler is now a status symbol.  Remarkably, the founder, owner and teacher (not of Asian origin), stated on television, “the hardest thing to teach these Asian students in the art of being a butler and/or a servant, is for them to learn to put others first before themselves.”   This instructor’s statement, “the hardest thing to teach these Asian students is for them to learn to put others first before themselves,”  reinforces, confirms, corroborates and validates everything that I have written above in its entirety.


Footnote:  Not that I want to get involved in politics in these Papers, however, there has been one leader, Australia’s (late) Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott, who had the five intelligences. Providential to be born with the five intelligences, that is exceptionally rare.  However, the extreme left (socialists), media, journalists, the left of his own party, the lefty unions and those lefty voters in Australia not having the brains, intelligence, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, foresight and awareness to observe this very rare gift of the five intelligences in Tony Abbott, totally slandered, betrayed, double-crossed, crucified, and with false allegations, got rid of him.

Shot down in flames by the left (socialists), whose specific intelligences and specific lobes of their brain having being deactivated since birth (as above).

As these betraying individuals do not have the brains to see it, I will explain it.  Tony Abbott, had the very rare combination of intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, sexual intelligence and spiritual intelligence, and I can assure you, can repeatedly perceive things (a developed Higher Consciousness), that other people cannot see, making him a good leader.

I note that he hasn’t borne any grudges against his betraying colleagues….emotional and spiritual intelligence of “do not bear a grudge against anybody and cause a sin because of it.”

The five intelligences, fused with, their five integrity equivalents in perfect accord and in unison together, merges with morals, conscience and a Higher Consciousness, making a very good leader.

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