Tough Love

On a regular basis I have given gratuitous advice and valuable information to those who have requested help to the healing of particular ailments.

On every occasion those people who have requested professional advice, have never showed any response, no manners to say thank you and no etiquette of courtesy, appreciation or graciousness. No mindfulness, no thoughtfulness, and of no gratitude. Along with, no follow-up.

There has been no recognition or acknowledgement for my knowledge, information, professionalism, and my generosity of consideration, care, time and support.

Their rude behavior is not of my concern, as it is not my karma. However, they have placed themselves into a thoughtless karma.   Thoughtlessness begets thoughtlessness.

Interestingly, majority of these women’s medical symptoms are linked to Candida and are identified with Candida. Metaphysically, those with Candida fall into the category of “great takers.” Metaphysically, they feel very dispersed bringing about feelings of frustration, irritation and anger, together with, untrusting and commanding in relationships.

Metaphysically, being “great takers” gives validation to my rightful comments that these women cannot respond to important information given and cannot respond with a thank you or any appreciation. “Great takers” being unreasonable and uncooperative, with their lack of manners, courtesy and gratitude.   They are great at taking, but have a very low emotional IQ in how to receive graciously and in how to give graciously.

Metaphysically, these are negative and festering choices and feelings and all festering within the mind has to materialize somewhere and festering is an irritation.

People and patients out there, think and believe that all one has to do is take a supplement and/or have chemotherapy, have an easy fix and all will be well. Having shelved their mind and soul, their lack of conscience and lack of consciousness (lack of spirituality), into another sphere believing that their mind and soul to be totally disconnected to their body and wellness and not worth a thought.

Ah! thought, the thought process.   Everything starts with thought. So billions of people and patients choose not to think.

These people/patients want to get well at the last moment, and so shelve any thought to their mind and spirituality. Badly lacking in the five intelligences and lacking in the five of integrity.   They do not give any integrity to the thought process. Resulting in, no integrity to their own mind and especially no integrity to their soul and no integrity and/or respect to those who gratuitously assist them.   All being a terrible inconvenience for them.

Along with, they seriously lack lateral thinking to be able to think in other possibilities, other opportunities, other alternatives and in other options in how to value something, to accept something as valid and feel gratitude.

How can a body heal correctly with no mindfulness, no thoughtfulness, no graciousness, no courtesy, no integrity, no gratitude, no conscience to behave nicely and kindly, along with, no consciousness.   No body, mind and/or soul can heal correctly that is lacking in gratefulness to another human being.

What does this mean. It means having no refinement, no propriety, no decorum, no manners, no politeness, no discretion, no civility, no gentility and not of good breeding. Along with, and most importantly, having no wisdom.

It is all a mental disorder to start with. It demonstrates that these people/patients are not emotionally well-adjusted, they have a very low emotional IQ and a very low spiritual IQ.

Categorically, these people/patients who have no manners and no gratitude, have no moral development, no conscience development, no consciousness development, no emotional development and no spiritual development.

It means that they haven’t evolved.

With a lack of moral development, lack of conscience development, lack of consciousness development, lack of emotional development and lack of spiritual development will certainly slow the rate of healing, or no healing at all.

These people/patients have permitted negative, sinful and corrupted emotions to have dominion over them and have permitted these negative, sinful and corrupted emotions to have dominion over their internal energy.

They have not learnt how to master their negative, sinful and corrupted choices, behavior and emotions.

These people/patients with their own agenda, can justify their rude behavior however they like, but you cannot justify evilness.

How you think and feel to conduct yourself this way towards those who gratuitously give their consideration, care, time and support, will influence your own well-being and lack of integrity in your own mind, body and soul.

There is scientific evidence that people/patients who choose to have positive emotions, have spirituality, kindness, thoughtfulness and being mindful and respectful towards others, have graciousness and gratitude (a switched on gratitude gene), who have sincerity, faithfulness, integrity, consideration, compassion, peace, faith and love, have stronger and quicker healing powers than those who do not have these qualities.

Clearly, these patients of substance and essence with their happy disposition have chosen to be more selective in their choices and thought process, hence they have accelerated the healing process.

True, complete and absolute liberation, and true, complete and absolute freedom, is when you have the good fortune to be blessed with all peace and understanding, together with, the kindred-spirit and essence of spirituality and its all-knowing and awareness. Added with, positive choices of kindness, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, respect for oneself and others, graciousness, gratitude, sincerity, honesty, faithfulness, having integrity, consideration, care, compassion, faith and love. This is true, complete and absolute liberation and freedom.

Having a developed emotional, spiritual, moral, conscience and consciousness, that is, a developed Higher Self, will most certainly accelerate the healing process.

There is a Higher Self thought vibration and the Higher Self influences the mind, body and the soul. (Pathways).

Any rude and negative behavior (negative behavior results in stressful behavior), has enormous impact on the body cells, and will most certainly wind up the telomeres, shortening the telomere length and bring on the ageing process. Negative bad manners and bad behavior will override any positive outcomes.

It’s impossible to disentangle your mind from your genes.

“Where the mind goes the body will follow.” This is inescapable.

No integrity in the mind results in no integrity in the body. There are due consequences for ill-chosen choices.

Wrong choices, wrong behavior, wrong attitude, wrong beliefs, wrong feelings and intentions are unhealthy lifestyle choices. All of these will digest within your system.

Get one thing straight…. “you cannot have one without having the other.” That is, you cannot have a mind without having a body and a soul. You cannot have a body without a mind and a soul. You cannot have a soul without having a mind and a body. It’s Trinity, three, unified as “all is one.” You cannot have one without having the other, so learn to heal all of them together, as it will not be fully beneficial if you fail to do so.

Genes influence your mind, body and soul.

Trinity, three, unified as “all is one,” the mind, body and soul are genetically linked, that is, a genetic imprint, a genetic blueprint.

The preordained and predetermined genetically encoded thoughts and choices reincarnated from your parents and ancestors, together with, your own thoughts and choices, undoubtedly create your genetic karma and your genetic destiny, along with, reincarnating into your offspring.

If I should mention the Bible, it’s because it is the best book ever written on metaphysics and psychology.   I do not regard the Bible as a religious book, but the best book ever written on the mind and psychology.

The Bible continually advises, “to be selective.” This is good psychology….start with being more selective into what you put into your mind, body and soul.

The Bible states, “do not bear a grudge against anybody, and cause a sin because of it.”   This is brilliant psychology….By bearing a grudge against someone, you immediately put yourself into ill-health, a negative karma and put yourself into sin. There is no one on this earth, putting yourself into ill-health, into a negative karma, and into sin for.   Along with, you are shortening your own telomeres and accelerating the aging process. This quotation, “do not bear a grudge….” means to be more selective.   If an individual is more selective it will not instigate ill-health, it will not shorten the telomeres and it will not accelerate the aging process.

All of these wisdoms are to help you evolve.

There is a kindness gene, so switch on that kindness gene if you want positive and healthy outcomes. “What you sow, so shall you reap.”

There is a spiritual gene, so switch on that spiritual gene if you want spiritual and healthy outcomes.

There is a gratitude gene, so switch on that gratitude gene if you want positive and healthy outcomes.

An individual can choose to turn up the volume (intensity), of their kindness, spiritual and gratitude gene that is very beneficial for their heart and health, or choose to turn up the volume (intensity), of their aggressive gene that is harmful to all.

If those rude people/patients want long-lasting healing, then you must change your pattern of thought.

It’s all self-inflicted, so it’s up to you.

Adopt “the power of positive thinking.” The power of positive thinking, being whole, absolute and complete.

If people/patients write for information, then I require you, for your own well-being and for your own well-good and for your own consciousness and healing to show some care, concern and responsibility for the knowledge and well-regarded information given.

As a Master Metaphysician, as a Doctor and as a Philosopher, I write on the mind, the body and the soul as you cannot have one without having the other. You cannot heal one without healing the other.

I will later write and explain the true meaning of metaphysics and the science of mind.

I hope that I have brought you some enlightenment.

Good speed.

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