Vitamin B.12 Injection

I was seeking out if B.12 injections contained mercury, mercury being used as a preservative.

I was to discover and for those people who have a regular B.12 injection, it’s advisable to only use and take the B.12 Methylcobalamin injection.   Methyl-cobalamin.

Do not use and do not take the B.12 Cyanocobalamin injection. Cyan-ocobalamin, the first letters ‘cyan’ meaning cyanide.   This particular B.12 injection contains cyanide, a deadly poison.

There is an antidote for this cyanide, Cyanocobalamin. The antidote being Hydroxocobalamin. Hydroxo-cobalamin.

It gives cause to concern that the men regularly taking the B.12 Cyanocobalamin injection, containing cyanide, a deadly poison crossing the threshold of the sperm, possibly resulting in sperm mutations, genetic mutations and DNA damage.

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